Soul Strike codes February 2024

Soul Strike codes are a great way of gaining an advantage in this idle RPG, as you face off against different enemies such as vampires and dragons.

Soul Strike codes - close up of a woman in silver holding a gun

In need of some Soul Strike codes? No problem, we’re more than happy to give you some freebies for this idle RPG and trust us when we say you need them. In Soul Strike, you must prepare your forces to fight off all manner of enemies, including fiendish ghouls such as vampires and zombies. Make no mistake, however, you still need to fight off mythical creatures like dragons, too.

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Soul Strike codes

Active codes:


  • THX12KFSS – 30 transmog scrolls (new!)
  • 10KXFDC79 – 30 transmog scrolls (new!)
  • THXS2ALL6 – 30 transmog scrolls (new!)
  • SS2NIGHT5 – 30 transmog scrolls (new!)
  • 10KXFDC79 – 30 transmog scrolls
  • THXS2ALL6 – 30 transmog scrolls
  • SS2NIGHT5 – 30 transmog scrolls
  • WEEKEND71 – 30 transmog scrolls
  • AFKTODAY7 – 30 transmog scrolls
  • HAPPYMON3 – 30 transmog scrolls
  • HAPPYFRI5 – 30 transmog scrolls
  • DRESSUP18 – 30 transmog scrolls
  • HAVEGDAY7 – rewards
  • GET1GIFT3 – rewards
  • CELEBR8T4 – rewards
  • ENJOYSS17 – rewards
  • HAPPY2CU9 – rewards
  • MASTERS29 – rewards
  • CONGRATS59 – rewards
  • WELCOME31 – rewards
  • DRESSUP650 – rewards
  • 100CLASS – rewards
  • SKILL100 – rewards

What are Soul Strike codes?

Thanks to the developer and publisher, Com2uS, Soul Strike codes provide you with freebies such as in-game currency to help power up your forces. While there’s no discernable pattern, new codes may pop up in celebration of events and updates. The best way to stay on top of these goodies is to check back with us regularly.

Soul Strike codes - a group of heroes fighting off enemies

How do I redeem Soul Strike codes?

To redeem Soul Strike codes, you need to:

  • Launch Soul Strike
  • Go to menu
  • Select settings
  • Tap account
  • Copy your CS code
  • Hit redeem coupon to go to a webpage
  • Select server
  • Paste your CS code
  • Enter your Soul Strike code
  • Hit the blue button
  • Enjoy your freebies!

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