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Squad Busters tier list June 2024

Brawl with the best of them using our Squad Busters tier list to pick your party members and find out how to change which characters you get.

squad busters tier list - five characters from the game on a purple background

If you’re jumping into Supercell’s latest game, then keep scrolling to see our Squad Busters tier list. The characters here come in many different shapes and sizes – including suppliers, healers, defenders, and attackers from Clash Royale, Hay Day, Boom Beach, and more. You can add a few characters to your squad during each match, so our tier list is here to help you choose.

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Squad Busters tier list

Here, we rank all of the Squad Busters characters from S-tier down to C-tier. Keep in mind that whoever you enjoy using can be really helpful, but these are the best picks if you want the strongest team.

Rank Squad Busters characters
S Archer Queen, Barbarian King, Hog Rider, Medic
A Battle Healer, Chicken, El Primo, Greg, Max, Royale King, Shelly, Witch, Wizard
B Barbarian, Bea, Bo, Colt, Heavy, Mavis, Mortis, Nita, Pam, Penny, Tank
C Dynamike, Goblin, Mavis, Trader
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How do I reroll in Squad Busters?

Rerolling in Squad Busters isn’t your usual log-out and log-back-in-as-another-account affair – all characters are attainable through chests during each match or purchases in the game’s shop – there’s no gacha or really any limits on who you can get.

You can, however, reroll the choice of character you get in a chest using Reroll Tokens. When opening a chest to receive a character, you can use a token to change the choice. These are limited items, though, so make sure you’re certain you want to use one. You can purchase these tokens in the menu, and get them as a reward for the starter pass in the game.

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