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Stardew Valley frog fan finally caught ‘em all

The farming sim is a dream for collectors and loot goblins alike, and one fan has finally managed to capture every color Stardew Valley frog in the game.

Stardew Valley user K1Xaviesta shows off colored frog collection

Stardew Valley frogs are adorable little pixelated critters that hop around the farming sim, particularly on rainy days, and if you’re romancing everyone’s favorite emo boy Sebastian, then you know you can get one as a pet when he moves into your farmhouse. But one froggy fan has taken their love for amphibians several steps further by collecting every single frog that can be found in the game, displaying them in pride of place in their own tanks.

Certainly no mean feat, and when funds are tight most players have probably accidentally sold a couple of frog eggs for a quick buck without realising they can be hatched just the same as any other types of eggs in the game. Listen, we’ve all been there, and we’ve all retrospectively kicked ourselves for throwing something incredibly valuable into the trading bin at the stroke of midnight in a blind panic to get into bed on time.

If you want to check what else you can achieve in the 1.6 update, we have a guide for how to find the Stardew Valley bookseller, plus we’ve listed out all of the Stardew Valley item codes. It’s always better to be over-prepared than under-prepared to avoid selling something you’ll want 30 hours later.

Reddit user K1Xaviesta recently posted about their triumphant frog collection in Stardew Valley, and rightly so, because it’s impressive and deserves to be shown off. After numerous battles in the depths of the Skull Caverns and spending an egregious amount of money on iridium bars, they managed to find, hatch, and display all eight different colored frogs available in Stardew Valley.

Sebastian telling the farmer how you might be able to catch frogs in the rain

This led to a shameful discussion about how many players didn’t realize you can actually hatch and display frogs in the jungle tanks, and like most things in this much-loved farming sim, it’s the community and you the players that end up sharing valuable info such as this. With this revelation, everyone is now planning how to get their own frog-filled farm and how to get enough iridium to do so.

One Reddit user wondered in the comments whether the same can be achieved with parrot eggs and the birdhouse that you can purchase from Marnie. Although you can’t buy a pet bird that is yours and yours alone, the birdhouse does attract several wild winged creatures if you build it out in the open.

Now we’re off to boot up our year 24 farm and find some frogs of our own. If you’re after more Stardew Valley tips and tricks, we have a Stardew Valley co-op guide, a Stardew Valley fish guide, and a rundown on all the Stardew Valley characters.