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Tactics Ogre: Reborn classes - every last one

There are a lot of classes in Tactics Ogre, and I think it’s fair to think that the Tactics Ogre: Reborn classes will be the same, considering it’s a remaster

A screen shrouded in blue light as characters fight on ramparts of a castle, faraway.

Tactics Ogre: Reborn is an upcoming remaster of the 2010 remake of the original 1995 game of the same name except without the word reborn. Developed and published by Square Enix, who we have to thank for pretty much every single game this year, it continues the love for the second entry in the Ogre Battle series.

So, Tactics Ogre: Reborn classes are probably gonna be the same as the 2010 remake’s classes. I mean, I assume so. Maybe there will be some new ones, but with the game coming to Nintendo Switch with revised battle mechanics, remastered sound and music, alongside full voice acting, it’s possible there may be more changes to discover in the future.

Anyway, while waiting for the Tactics Ogre: Reborn release date, get up to speed on all the Tactics Ogre: Reborn characters and their lovely new art with our guide. Or to keep up with one of the ten trillion games Square Enix is working on, check out our  Harvestella jobs, Harvestella crafting, Harvestella factions, and Harvestella characters guides.

Tactics Ogre: Reborn classes

There is a gargantuan list of Tactics Ogre: Reborn classes, so guess what? I am not gonna say much about them. Sorry!

A screen showing a long list of classes with tiny pixel art for each.


Class Description
Warrior Can use a wide variety of weapons
Archer Good with a bow and a crossbow, yet susceptible to bad weather
Wizard/Enchantress casts spells to do damage, inflict debuffs, or strengthen allies
Cleric Divine magic user who can wound and cure
Rune Fencer/Valkyrie Casts attack and healing spells, yet can also use a sword or a spear
Knight Front-line warrior who can use healing magic
Terror Knight Can weaken enemy attacks and defence
Berserker Melee fighter with strong attack but weak defence
Swordmaster Two-handed katana wielder
Dragoon Great at slaying beasts and dragons
Ninja/Kunoichi Nimble warrior who can be vicious with their double weapons
Rogue Can take goods from enemies and snare them in traps
Fusilier Can use powerful ranged weapons yet are very weak to magic
Beast Tamer Can tame beasts and use them in battle
Warlock/Witch  Can control golems and use magic
Necromancer A dark magic user who can command the dead
Lich A mage with a great amount of magical power
Divine Knight A mage-knight with powerful magic

Two Tactics Ogre: Reborn characters having a chat. The Hey Waight-Lanselor I SWEAR ON MY BLADE, ON MY HONOR AS A KNIGHT: I WILL BE NO ENEMY OF YOURS. Denam has two options: 1. ILL TAKE YOU AT YOUR WORD. 2....


Class Description
Vartan (Winged) A warrior with wings and good melee and ranged abilities
Songstress A troubadour who can use special songs and dances to help allies and hinder enemies
Hoplite A footsoldier with lots of armour, mostly using a sword and shield
Juggernaut A big tank-type demolisher with power in abundance
Patriarch/Matriarch A magic user who can impress wizards with their prowess
Familiar Can weaken foes and strengthen allies, good for defence

A screen misted in blue dots with various pixel art characters fighting over a black landmass


Class Description
Cloud Dragon A dragon versed in the way of the air
Earth Dragon A dragon versed in the way of the earth
Thunder Dragon A dragon versed in the way of thunder
Flood Dragon A dragon versed in the way of water
Flame Dragon A dragon versed in the way of fire
Frost Dragon A dragon versed in the way of ice
Arc Dragon A dragon versed in the way of the light
Dark Dragon A dragon versed in the way of the dark
Hydra A dragon with three heads

Two Tactics Ogre: Reborn characters having a chat. Sir Leonar is saying: YOU ARE WITH ME THEN? IT IS THE ONLY WAY. THE FUTURE OF OUR PEOPLE DEPENDS ON IT! Denam has two options: 1. I UNDERSTAND. 2. STOP THIS LUNACY!


Class Description
Cyclops A magic-wielding giant
Cockatrice A mean chicken with breath that turns people to stone
Gryphon A lion with the head of an eagle and big wings
Octopus A big monster that does well in water, because it’s an octopus


Class Description
Clay Golem A monster made of clay
Stone Golem A monster made of stone
Iron Golem A monster made of iron
Baldur Golem A monster made of baldur

A tactical screen showing various Tactics Ogre: Reborn characters on. map with various menus over the top. Everything's blocky and pixel art.


Class Description
Lord (Denam only) A title given by the Order of Philaha to those deemed worthy
Princess (Catiua only) Only one deemed to be the rightful heir to the Valerian Kingdom may become princess
Priest (Catiua only) A venerated cleric well-versed in matters of the spirit
Dark Priest (Catiua only) An evil priest with dark and elemental magic
Ranger (Vyce or Azelstan only) A warrior who performs well in most situations
Shaman (Phoraena sisters, Iuria, and Deneb only) An oracle devoted to the gods
Wicce (Deneb only) Don’t call them a witch
White Knight (Gildas, Mirdyn, Ravness, and Ozma only) Stronger than common knights
Buccaneer (Azelstan, Canopus, Denam, or Vyce only) A pirate
Knight Commander (Ozma only) A high-ranking knight of Lodis
Paladin (Lanselot only) A highly-skilled knight
Astromancer (Warren only) A skilled diviner who draws on the power of the stars

Ok, I’m tired. There are too many Tactics Ogre: Reborn classes. I’m going to bed. If you don’t want to go to bed, read this Tower of Fantasy review. It’s great.