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Tears of Themis trial - just a couple of questions

Here are all of the questions and answers for Tears of Themis trial

Artem and the attorney together in a garden

Tears of Themis is a romance detective game, the first of its kind from Mihoyo, as the company is best known for Honkai Impact 3rd, and, of course, its expansive open-world RPG Genshin Impact. The game sees you take on the role of a junior attorney as you enter a world of lies, deceit, and love – sometimes, all three come together in a way you least suspect, keeping you on your toes. However, there’s more to the game than meets the eye, including its Trials of Themis game mode.

With our Tears of Themis trial guide, we aim to provide details on what a Trial of Themis is, as well as give answers to all the questions you must answer – don’t worry, you don’t have to swear under oath, this isn’t that sort of trial. However, it does involve Greek gods, so try not to incur their wrath. Less lightning strikes you down.

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What is a Trial of Themis in Tears of Themis?

Trials of Themis is a game mode within Tears of Themis that sees you answer a bunch of questions. There are multiple choices, one of which is the correct answer. Some are more straightforward than others. For example, what do you do when you see a hornet’s nest? You avoid it – at least, that’s what we would do.

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What are the correct answers for the Trials of Athena questions?

As the name likely indicates, the Trials of Athena questions centre on ancient Greek history – Athena is the Greek goddess of war, handicraft, and practical reason. Mind you, the name of the game also draws inspiration from ancient Greece, given Themis is the goddess of law and justice.

We’ve put together all of the questions, and answers, below, so you can show off your ancient Greek knowledge to the man of your dreams – speaking of which, if you’d like to know more about the Tears of Themis characters, check out our handy guide.

Tears of Themis trial question Answer
Who is “Mother Earth” referring to? Gaia
What do people call Aphrodite? Goddess of Love
Who is the goddess of law and justice? Themis
Who is the goddess of victory? Nike
Where do the chests you encounter during your journey come from? Priesthood
Who is called the god of war? Ares
“Vega” belongs to which constellation? Lyra
What did Jason ride on? Ox
Which of the following is a Greek philosopher Plato
What did Phaethon request as a gift from his father, Helios? Sun chariot
Which nymph turned into a laurel tree? Daphne
Who invented the ruler, number, and alphabet? Hermes
Who is the goddess of the hearth? Hestia
Where are the “ears” of crickets located on their body? On the legs
In the legends, what started the Trojan War? Apple of discord
Which food should you avoid when sick? Fish
What is bamboo classified as? Grass
In this story’s beginning, who spewed black smoke and tainted the gods? Typhoeus
What do most people call you on your journey? Servant
What did Prometheus give to humanity? Fire
What is the most abundant creature in the ocean? Plankton
What can you do when a leech bites you? Detach by the head
Who is the god of the sea? Poseidon
Athena was known as the goddess of wisdom and what else? Goddess of war
Cacti use which of their parts for photosynthesis? Stem
Do fish have a heart? Yes
Who was the snake-haired woman with a petrifying gaze? Medusa
What is Artemis’ mythical beast? Deer
How do dandelions spread their seeds? Wind
When are maritime mirages usually experienced? Summertime
What exactly is “moonlight”? Reflected sunlight
What is a fragrance extracted from the digestive system of sperm whales? Ambergris
Why do mosquitoes suck blood? To lay eggs
What should you drink to prevent heatstroke after sweating a lot in the summer? Salted water
What should you do if you find a wild mushroom? Ignore it
If you eat something that can cause food poisoning, what should you do? Vomit
What was the wondrous thing hidden in Pandora’s Box? Hope
Eros is whose son? Aphrodite
Who is Zeus’ wife? Hera
Who drove the sun chariot? Helios
What is the largest human organ? Skin
What was the earliest written piece of Greek literature? Homer’s epic
When camping outside, which location is not suitable as a campsite? Under a cliff
Who had his liver devoured by an eagle? Prometheus
Which mythological treasure symbolized wealth, adventure and indomitable will? Golden fleece
Who accidentally killed his father and married his mother? Oedipus
Which work by the Greek sculptor Myron was inspired by athletes? Discobolus
What is the Socratic dialogue written by Plato? Republic
Who rescued Prometheus? Heracles
What causes tidal phenomena? Gravity
During a total solar eclipse, what is blocking the sun? Moon
Which is not a sign of imminent thunder and lightning? Knee aches
What was the god of thieves’ first heist? Apollo’s cattle
In the Dead Sea, what happens if someone can’t swim? Float
What is Cerberus also known as? Three-headed hell hound
Who is the Greek goddess of the Moon? Artemis
What was the typical climate of ancient Greece? Mediterranean
Athena is usually depicted as wielding which weapon? Spear
Who successfully acquired the Golden Fleece? Jason
What instrument does Apollo play? Lyre
Who did Hera turn into a cow and try to kill? Io
What is the usual cause of death in fires? Suffocation
In Greek mythology, who was given the golden apple? Aphrodite
Who is the goddess of discord in Greek mythology? Eris
How do you find water sources in the wild? Track animals
What can you use as a makeshift fishhook? Needle
What condition is caused by a vitamin A deficiency? Night blindness
What can you eat to increase your iron intake? Liver
How can you remove the smell of fish from your hands? Toothpaste
Which woman’s beauty caused the Trojan war? Helen
Which is lighter: one kg of iron or one kg of cotton? The same
Which body part did philosophers believe housed the soul? Heart
How do humans primarily remove excess heat? Sweat
Why do dragonflies touch water surfaces? To lay eggs
When traversing through woods, what shoes should you wear? Durable sneakers
How should you manage a cut in the wild? Wash with water
Which plants store water in their fruits and stems? Palms and cacti
What is the largest mammal on Earth? Blue whale
Where is the best place to set up camp overnight? High place near
How should you drink water in the wild if you’re thirsty? Small sips
How should you walk down a steep mountain? Descend sideways
What is the most common type of microorganism in dirt? Bacteria
In Greek mythology, who was the first king of the gods? Uranus
How can you reduce the swelling of a twisted ankle in the wild? Cold water
Dionysus is the Greek god of what kind of wine? Grape
What shouldn’t you drink if you have a fever? Strong tea
What can you use as a guide on a clear night? North star
What should you do when encountering a hornet’s nest? Avoid it
What can cause sleeping children to grind their teeth? Gut parasite
What do you hear when holding a seashell to your ear? Blood flow
According to legend, upon which mountain do the gods reside? Mount Olympus
Who is known as the “King of the Gods”? Zeus

Phew, that was a lot of questions – did you learn anything new? I certainly did. Falling down steep hills is my speciality, but I won’t be making that mistake again. Sideways is the way forward. I also never knew that Uranus was the first king of the gods – the more you know.

Right, that is all you need to know about the Tears of Themis trials. Since you’re here, why not check out our picks for the best iOS games and the best Android games, who knows what you might find.