Peroxide clans, tier list, and more February 2024

Learn all about Roblox Peroxide clans, how to reroll, and the Peroxide Trello, along with which clans are best in this handy guide.

Peroxide clans - a Roblox Peroxide character drawing his sword

Peroxide clans determine what buffs and stats your character has in this exciting, anime-inspired Roblox RPG. With over 50 different clans available across three classes and three rarities, it can be pretty overwhelming working out which is best for you. Luckily, we’re here to help. So let’s dive into all the Peroxide clans, how to reroll, our Peroxide clan tier list, and how to find the Peroxide Trello to get even more info.

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Now, let’s dive deep into the complex world of Peroxide clans.

What are Peroxide clans?

When you create a character in Peroxide, you can play as a Soul Reaper, Hollow, or Quincy. On top of that, there are a bunch of different Peroxide clans for each of the three classes that determine what stats and buffs your character has. Clans come in three rarities – common, rare, and legendary – but which one you get is random. You have an 89% chance of getting a common clan, a 9% chance of getting a rare clan, and a 2% chance of getting a legendary clan.

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All Peroxide clans

Here are all the different Peroxide clans, their rarities, and all the buffs and stats they offer.

Peroxide Hollow clans


  • Gillilga – 5% agility multiplier (x1.05)
  • Grindella – +5 strength
  • Harrett – +5 agility
  • Hollargo – +5 agility
  • Llargaller – +5 reiatsu
  • Pyximes – +5 spirit
  • Reddark – +5 reiatsu
  • Roldullen – +5 spirit
  • Tergeaux – 5% better health regen (x1.05)
  • Terges – +5 spirit
  • Vriess – +5 vitality
  • Weskullen – 5% better reiatsu regen (x1.05)


  • Arruruerie – 15% spirit multiplie (x1.15)
  • Gilga – 15% strength multiplier (x1.15), 20% vitality multiplier (x1.2)
  • Harribel – 15% spirit multiplier (x1.15), 20% vitality multiplier (x1.2)
  • Llargo – 15% strength multiplier (x1.15), 15% reiatsu multiplier (x1.15), 15% vitality multiplier (x1.15)
  • Rureux – 20% agility multiplier (x1.2)


  • Cifer – 12% agility multiplier (x1.12), 15% spirit multiplier (x1.15), 15% reiatsu multiplier (x1.15), 15% better health regen (x1.15)
  • Jaegerjaquez – 15% strength multiplier (x1.15), 10% agility multiplier (x1.1), 13% vitality multiplier (x1.13)
  • Louisenbairn – (this clan doesn’t get an ability) 40% EXP multiplier (x1.4), 15% strength multiplier (x1.15), 10% agility multiplier (x1.1), 12% vitality multiplier (x1.13), 15% spirit multiplier (x1.15), 10% reiatsu multiplier (x1.1), 10% better reiatsu regen (x1.1)
  • Starrk – 15% spirit multiplier (x1.15), 12% reiatsu multiplier (x1.12), 13% better reiatsu regen (x1.13)

Peroxide Quincy clans


  • Bernoth – +5 spirit
  • Daloir – +5 reiatsu
  • Daloir – +5 vitality
  • Ehmerger – +5 vitality
  • Erliss – +5 Reiatsu
  • Fahriel – +5 strength
  • Heidlach – +5 vitality
  • Lloyd – +5 reiatsu
  • Plessnone – +5 strength
  • Rowoux – +5 reiatsu
  • Sternell – +5 strength
  • Weidment – +5 agility


  • Barro – 15% spirit multiplier (x1.15), 20% vitality multiplier (x1.2)
  • Haschwalth – 15% reiatsu multiplier (x1.15), 20% sprint multiplier (x1.2)
  • Parnkgjas – 15% sprint multiplier (x1.15), 20% reiatsu multiplier (x1.2)
  • Valkyrie – 20% vitality multiplier (x1.2), 20% strength multiplier (x1.2)


  • Ishida – 15% spirit multiplier (x1.15), 10% vitality multiplier (x1.1), 15% reiatsu multiplier (x1.15), 10% better health regen (x1.1)
  • Ywach – 15% strength multiplier (x1.15), 13% vitality multiplier (x1.13), 10% better reiatsu regen (x1.1), 12% better health regen (x1.12)

Peroxide Soul Reaper clans


  • Akashi – +5 reiatsu
  • Hayanami – +5 reiatsu
  • Inoue – +5 spirit
  • Kaneki – 10% EXP multiplier (x1.1)
  • Ken – +5 spirit
  • Kuroku – 10% better reiatsu regen (x1.1)
  • Kurosami – +5 spirit
  • Lee – 10% agility multiplier (x1.1)
  • Mikazuki – +5 agility
  • Rengoku – +5 vitality
  • Saru – 10% better health regen (x1.1)
  • Shen – +5 agility
  • Uzumaki – +5 strength


  • Abarai – 15% strength multiple (x1.15), 20% vitality multiplier (x1.2)
  • Chad – +20 strength, 20% better health regen (x1.2)
  • Kuchiki – 15% agility multiplier (x1.15), 20% spirit multiplier (x1.2)
  • Shihouin – 20% agility multiplier (x1.2), 20% strength multiplier (x1.2)


  • Aizen – 15% spirit multiplier (x1.15), 13% vitality multiplier (x1.13), 15% reiatsu multiplier (x1.15), 10% better health regen (x1.1)
  • Kurosaki – 12% vitality multiplier (x1.12), 13% spirit multiplier (x1.13), 15% reiatsu multiplier (x1.15), 12% better reiatsu regen (x1.12)
  • Yamamoto – (this clan doesn’t get an ability) 40% EXP multiplier (x1.4), 15% strength multiplier (x1.15), 10% agility multiplier (x1.1), 13% vitality multiplier (x1.13), 15% spirit multiplier (x1.15), 10% reiatsu multiplier (x1.1), 10% better reiatsu regen (x1.1)
  • Zaraki – 15% strength multiplier (x1.15), 15% vitality multiplier (x1.15), 10% better reiatsu regen (x1.1), 12% better health regen (x1.12)

Peroxide clans - a character meditating to increase their stats

What do the Peroxide stats do?

Wondering why having high reiatsu or a heap of agility is a good thing? Here’s a breakdown of what all the Peroxide stats do:

  • Spirit – increases the damage you deal with your Shikai/Bankai/Res/Kido moves
  • Strength – increases your M1 (light attack) damage
  • Vitality – increases your health
  • Agility – increases the speed of your Flash Step, making it easier to dodge
  • Reiatsu – increases your stamina

If you want to boost your stats even further beyond your clan bonuses and completing quests, you can also train – just keep in mind that Hollows below Arrancar level can’t train, and can only gain levels by killing other Hollows.

Here are the different training materials you can use to boost each stat:

  • Spirit – spirit mat
  • Strength – training dummies
  • Vitality – bench press
  • Agility – treadmill
  • Reiatsu – reiatsu mat

What’s the best Peroxide clan?

Naturally, the best Peroxide clans are the ones that fall under the legendary rarity, as they offer far more multipliers than the lower rarity clans. Beyond that, the best clan really depends on your personal preferences and playstyle. For example, if you want to be able to soak up heaps of damage without dying, you should aim for clans that boost your vitality and health regen, whereas those of you looking to take down your enemies quickly should aim for classes with higher strength and spirit stats or multipliers.

It’s also important to keep any trade-offs in mind, with the most notable being the two legendary clans, Soul Reaper’s Yamamoto and Hollow’s Louisenbairn. Both of these clans are super powerful due to their wide range of multipliers that boost all stats and also increase your EXP gain. However, characters in the Yamamoto and Louisenbairn clans don’t get an ability, so it’s up to you whether those multipliers are worth the sacrifice!

If you still need some more help picking the best Peroxide clan, you can check out our tier list below to get a general idea of the strongest choices.

Peroxide clans - a Roblox Peroxide character looking at a Quincy device

Peroxide clan tier list

Here’s how we rate each of the Peroxide clans. Keep in mind that tier lists are meant as a guideline only. If you roll a clan that falls in a lower rank, you can still kick some serious butt – you may just have to train a bit harder to get all your stats up.

Tier Peroxide clan
S+ Jaegerjaquez (Hollow), Cifer (Hollow), Louisenbairn (Hollow), Ywach (Quincy), Ishida (Quincy), Kurosaki (Soul Reaper), Aizen (Soul Reaper), Zaraki (Soul Reaper), Yamamoto (Soul Reaper)
S Llargo (Hollow), Starrk (Hollow), Valkyrie (Quincy), Chad (Soul Reaper), Shihouin (Soul Reaper)
A Gilga (Hollow), Harribel (Hollow), Haschwalth (Quincy), Parnkgjas (Quincy), Barro (Quincy), Kushiki (Soul Reaper), Abarai (Soul Reaper)
B Rureux (Hollow), Arruruerie (Hollow)
C Tergeaux (Hollow), Weskullen (Hollow), Gillilga (Hollow), Saru (Soul Reaper), Kuroku (Soul Reaper), Lee (Soul Reaper), Kaneki (Soul Reaper)
D Pyximes (Hollow), Reddark (Hollow), Hollardo (Hollow), Vriess (Hollow), Terges (Hollow), Grindella (Hollow), Llargaller (Hollow), Roldullen (Hollow), Harrett (Hollow), Gillilga (Hollow), Tergeaux (Hollow), Weskullen (Hollow), Lloyd (Quincy), Fahriel (Quincy), Weidment (Quincy), Ehmerger (Quincy), Bernoth (Quincy), Erliss (Quincy), Plessnone (Quincy), Sternell (Quincy), Rowoux (Quincy), Daloir (Quincy), Grubia (Quincy), Heidlach (Quincy), Inoue (Soul Reaper), Hayanami (Soul Reaper), Mikazuki (Soul Reaper), Rengoku (Soul Reaper), Kurosami (Soul Reaper), Uzuamaki (Soul Reaper), Akashi (Soul Reaper), Ken (Soul Reaper), Shen (Soul Reaper)

How do I perform a Peroxide clan reroll?

If you don’t get the clan you want, you can perform a Peroxide clan reroll. However, each reroll costs 100 Robux, so unless you’ve got some free Robux lying around, you’ve gotta fork out some cash. Alternatively, you can start a whole new character – but an additional character slot also costs 150 Robux, so it’s not gonna save you any money!

Here’s how to reroll your Peroxide clan:

  • Make sure you have Robux in your account before launching the game
  • Launch Peroxide in Roblox and log in with your character
  • Tap the R$ icon to the top-left corner of your screen
  • Hit the ‘clan reroll’ button at the top of the screen
  • Spend those 100 Robux
  • Cross your fingers and hope you get the clan you want!

Is there a Peroxide Trello?

Yep! Check out the official Peroxide Trello where you can find plenty of useful information, including the latest changes and updates to the game, stats and ranking information, progression for all of the classes, all the abilities and moves you can unlock, and, of course, details on the Peroxide clans.

That’s all we’ve got on Peroxide clans for now. If you’re on the hunt for more exciting experiences to explore, you can check out our list of the best Roblox games. Or, if you fancy something a bit different, grab some goodies from our Coin Master free spins, Genshin Impact codes, Honkai Star Rail codes, or Monopoly Go free dice guides.