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The best The Walking Dead games 2024

Be careful that you don’t bite off more than you can chew with the best Walking Dead games on Switch and mobile platforms available now for zombie fun.

Walking Dead games Telltale - Clementine holding an axe

Who doesn’t love slaying zombies? We sure do, so here’s our list of the best The Walking Dead games you can play on mobile platforms and Nintendo Switch. AMC’s hit show took the world by storm and doesn’t show much sign of slowing down in terms of popularity. With the continued appreciation of the show (and comics) comes more games – which is all the better for us!

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Let’s dig into the best The Walking Dead games, shall we?

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The Walking Dead (Telltale series) – mobile and Switch

All three seasons (The Complete First Season, Season Two, and The Final Season) are available on Nintendo Switch, along with A New Frontier which follows on from the story a few years later.

Start your journey as Lee, a criminal left to look after Clementine and help find her parents. Follow their journey through the state of Georgia as they overcome obstacles and work to survive the apocalypse. Further seasons then follow Clementine as she’s growing up, and finding herself looking after others as Lee did for her.

Walking Dead games Survivors characters featuring Lara Croft and some zombies

The Walking Dead Survivors – mobile

If you fancy something a little less story-driven, then we recommend Survivors. This tower defense game features the classic Walking Dead cast and collaborations with games like Tomb Raider.

Work to build up a fortified base that can withstand the waves of groaning zombies, and kit yourself out with the best equipment you can find.

Screenshots from the Walking Dead games No Man's Land showing zombies, weapons, and fighting stances

The Walking Dead No Man’s Land – mobile

ACM’s The Walking Dead No Man’s Land is a game recreation of the hit TV show in a sense. It features character designs based on the show – in fact, Norman Reedus is on the icon in the app store

No Man’s Land features turn-based strategic gameplay, meaning you need to get your thinking cap on to outsmart the hordes waiting at your door.

Walking Dead games All Stars artwork of a horde of zombies in a burning city

The Walking Dead All-Stars – mobile

Hey now, you’re an all-star… in The Walking Dead, at least. You aim to survive as you recruit characters across the TWD series and build a settlement that can withstand any assault. You need a solid strategy in order to overcome battles with zombies – or other players in PvP modes.

Walking Dead games bridge constructor: a bridge near collapse with a car and a load of zombies on it

Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead – mobile and Switch

What’s better than bridges? Themed bridges, of course. Avoid the ever-hungry zombie horde by playing Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead, combining puzzles from the constructor series with AMC’s classic zombie survival tale.

It may not have the emotional story or relatable characters of some other entries on this list, but the Bridge Constructer games are always a good way to spend time.

Walking Dead games Michonne flanked by two armless zombies

The Walking Dead Michonne – mobile

Telltale Games got their claws into TWD and did not let go – so here’s another entry from them – this time focusing on Michonne. The Walking Dead: Michonne features the main gal herself in a three-part episodic adventure, exploring her exploits between the comic issues #126 and #139.

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The Walking Dead: Destinies – Switch

In late 2023, The Walking Dead: Destinies was released on Switch alongside all other major platforms. It lets you relive key moments from the TV show in your own way, playing as Rick Grimes – though you don’t have to follow his actions from the show, you can deviate however you wish.

Michonne, Daryl, and Carol are just some of the other faces featured in Destinies, each with their own ranged and melee weapon choices allowing for busting zombies in different ways.

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