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Kuro Games announce game changing Wuthering Waves updates

While we explore Huanglong, Kuro Games is pulling out all the stops to provide us with a smooth Wuthering Waves experience goign forward.

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Whatever your opinions and experiences with Wuthering Waves are so far, you have to hand it to Kuro Games. The team is listening and clearly working overtime to provide hot fixes, Wuthering Waves performance updates, and rectify any mistakes in the game’s launch.

While we bask in the Wuthering Waves codes, free pulls, and character selectors, remember to spare a thought for the Kuro Games staff, as they absolutely need a holiday and are probably crunching like you can’t even imagine. The release may have been rocky, but Kuro is pulling out all the stops to appease fans and fix emergency issues. That’s more than we can say for other developers who let the problems in their games continue months after release.

Kuro posted an announcement showing off a lot of changes coming to the game. For starters, Kuro is adjusting the echo system. It currently costs a LOT of money to upgrade them and a lot of materials, so the team is bringing in a double-drop event, reducing costs, and increasing drops from boss fights and echo farming areas. We’re also getting a waveplate storage option similar to Honkai Star Rail. Again, Genshin, are you listening? Let me bank my resin!

Wuthering Waves Yinlin’s banner is now coming sooner – she releases on June 6, 2024, while Wuthering Waves Jiyan’s banner continues as scheduled. That means we have a little overlap between the two banners. Whether this continues in the future, we’re not sure yet.

What we’re all excited for is the freebies we get in the mail. This includes ten radiant tides for the limited banner, five pulls for the weapon banner, a veritable stack of waveplates to spend on farming bosses, and over one million shell credits. Which is great as I’ve all but run out and need to forge some weapons. You can read the whole post with all the ins and outs here on the official website.

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There is some debate as to whether the change in timing is due to the Zenless Zone Zero release date falling on the same day as Wuthering Waves’ original 1.1 update – while there’s nothing confirmed, this very likely was also a factor in changing the timeline.

Kuro is clearly paying close attention to the community and working very hard to rectify a lot of concerns brought up by worldwide fanbases, including the limited-banner weapon snafu, where players can get compensation in the form of vouchers.

We’re rooting for Kuro, and are enjoying WuWa right now. If you are, too, then check out our builds for Wuthering Waves Lingyang, Wuthering Waves Verina, and Wuthering Waves Encore, as well as our Wuthering Waves tier list.