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Wuthering Waves Encore build

Meet Wuthering Waves’ Encore and her two sheep buddies, Cloudy and Cosmos. Our build guide features her skills, stats, and her best echoes and weapons.

A photo of Wuthering Waves' Encore standing in the decemated village

Wuthering Waves’ Encore may look like an unassuming little girl, but along with her fusion powers and two trusted plush sidekicks, she can take on even the toughest of enemies. She’s a five-star rectifier character and appears on the standard banner, so you’ll always have the chance to add her to your staple team. In this build guide, we cover the best echoes and weapons for Encore, as well as all the details of her resonance kit.

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Here’s everything in our Wuthering Waves Encore build:

Who is Wuthering Waves’ Encore?

Encore is a five-star fusion character who wields a rectifier weapon.

She’s a consultant from the New Federation’s Black Shores, and she’s never seen without her two wooly plushies – Cloudy and Cosmos. Encore is optimistic and cheerful, always using her imagination to create fairy tales and other happy stories, but in battle, she’s a fierce opponent with incredible fusion damage potential.

We’re still working to optimize our recommendations for Encore’s kit and combat style, but we’ll be sure to update this guide whenever we learn more.

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What are Encore’s stats?

Here are all of Encore’s base stat values at level one and level 90 (max level). These are the values before adding equipment and weapons.

Stat Level one Level 90
HP 841 10,513
Attack 34 425
Defense 102 1,247
Max energy 125 125
Crit rate 5% 5%
Crit damage 150% 150%
Healing bonus 0% 0%
Fusion damage 0% 0%

What are Encore’s skills?

Here are all of Encore’s skills and abilities:

Encore’s active skills

Skill Effect
Basic attack: Wooly Attack Perform up to four consecutive attacks, dealing fusion damage
Basic attack: Wooly Strike Press the basic attack button after the fourth attack to deal more fusion damage
Heavy attack Hold the basic attack and consume stamina to deal additional fusion damage
Mid-air attack Consume stamina mid-air to perform a plunging attack that deals additional fusion damage
Dodge counter After a successful dodge, use the basic attack to deal fusion damage to the enemy
Resonance skill: Flaming Woolies Encore summons her sheep, Cloudy and Cosmos, and uses them to attack with burning rays that deal fusion damage
Resonance skill: Energetic Welcome Casting Encore’s resonance skill after casting Flaming Woolies unleashes Energetic Welcome, dealing fusion damage
Resonance liberation: Cosmos Rave

Casting Encore’s resonance liberation causes her to lose control, letting Cosmos break free to wreak havoc on the surroundings. During this state, Encore’s attacks have the following changes:

Basic attack: Cosmos Frolicking – perform up to four consecutive attacks, dealing fusion damage that is considered basic attack damage

Cosmos: Heavy attack – hold the basic attack and consume stamina to deal additional fusion damage that is considered heavy attack damage

Resonance skill: Cosmos Rampage – replace Flaming Woolies with Cosmos Rampage, dealing fusion damage that is considered resonance skill damage

Cosmos: Dodge counter – after a successful dodge, use the basic attack to deal fusion damage to the enemy that is considered basic attack damage

Intro skill: Woolies Can Help! Encore enters the battlefield with Cosmos, dealing fusion damage to enemies
Outro skill: Thermal Field When leaving battle, Encore generates a Thermal Field centered around the skill target with a three-meter radius. Targets inside the field receive continuous fusion damage equal to 176.76% of Encore’s attack every 1.5 seconds for six seconds

Encore’s passive skills

Skill Effect
Forte circuit: Black & White Woolies Mayhem – Encore can hold up to 100 points of Mayhem. She restores Mayhem when Wooly Attack, Flaming Woolies, Energetic Welcome, or Woolies Can Help hits a target. Encore also restores Mayhem whenever she hits a target during the Cosmos Rave state.

Heavy attack: Cloudy Frenzy – When Encore’s Mayhem is full, after casting a heavy attack, she consumes all Mayhem to enter the Mayhem state, reducing damage taken by 70%, even when switching characters. When the Mayhem state ends, Encore casts Cloudy Frenzy, dealing fusion damage that is considered resonance liberation damageHeavy attack: Cosmos Rupture – during Cosmos Rampage, if Encore’s Mayhem is full when casting a heavy attack, she consumes all Mayhem to enter Cosmos’ Mayhem state, reducing damage taken by 70%, even when switching characters. When Cosmos’ Mayhem state ends, Encore casts Cosmos Rupture, dealing fusion damage that is considered resonance liberation damage
Inherent skill: Angry Cosmos During Cosmos Rave, the damage Encore deals increases by 10% when her HP is above 70%
Inherent skill: Woolies Cheer Dance Encore’s fusion damage bonus increases by 10% for ten seconds when casting Flaming Woolies or Cosmos Rampage

Wuthering Waves' Encore looking evil as Cosmos takes her over, revealing glowing red ram horns on her head

What is Encore’s resonance chain?

If you manage to get your hands on multiple copies of Encore, you’ll unlock the next stage of her resonance chain. Here are all of Encore’s resonance chain skills:

Resonance chain sequence Effect
Sequence one – Wooly’s Fairy Tale Encore’s fusion damage bonus increases by 3% when her basic attack hits a target. This can stack up to four times for six seconds
Sequence two – Sheep-counting Lullaby Casting Woolies Attack or Energetic Welcome additionally recovers ten resonance energy. This can trigger once every ten seconds
Sequence three – Fog? The Black Shores! Increases Cloudy Frenzy and Cosmos Rupture’s damage multipliers by 40%
Sequence four – Adventure? Let’s go! Cosmos Rupture increases all team members’ fusion damage bonus by 20% for 30 seconds
Sequence five – Hero Takes the Stage! Increases Encore’s resonance skill damage bonus by 35%
Sequence six – Woolies Save the World! During Cosmos Rave, Encore gains one stack of ‘Lost Lamb’ every time she deals damage. Each stack increases her attack by 5% for ten seconds, stacking up to five times

What is the best weapon for Encore?

Wuthering Waves Encore’s best weapon is Cosmic Ripples, a five-star rectifier that buffs her attack and energy regeneration stats, while also offering stackable basic attack damage bonus buffs.

If you’re looking for a four-star alternative, we recommend Augment, as it provides a massive attack buff whenever Encore’s resonance liberation is active, as well as a brilliant crit rate base stat, especially at higher refinements.

Encore weapon Effect
Cosmic Ripples Increases energy regeneration by 12.8%. When hitting a target with basic attacks, increases Encore’s basic attack damage bonus by 3.2%, stacking up to five times. This effect lasts for eight seconds and can be triggered once every 0.5 seconds
Augment When Encore casts her resonance liberation, her attack increases by 15% for 15 seconds

What are the best echoes for Encore?

From our early testing and as of the second closed beta, these are the best Wuthering Waves echoes for Encore.

Slot Echo
Main echo Inferno Rider
Sub-echo slot one Havoc Dreadmane or Violet-Feathered Heron
Sub-echo slot two Havoc Dreadmane or Violet-Feathered Heron
Sub-echo slot three Any one-cost fusion Echo
Sub-echo slot four Any one-cost fusion Echo

Equipping Encore with these echoes activates the following bonuses. Remember to equip different types of echoes to attain the two- and five-piece buffs.

  • Molten Rift
    • Two equipped: increases fusion damage by 10%
    • Five equipped: increases fusion damage by 30% for 15 seconds after Encore uses her resonance skill

Wuthering Waves' Encore standing next to Aalto

What are Encore’s ascension materials?

You can level Encore all the way up to level 90, but you need to use specific materials to unlock different ascension levels.

In order to fully ascend Encore, you need the following materials:

Level Shell credits Ascension materials
20 5k Four LF whisperin cores
40 10k Four MF whisperin cores, four pecok flowers, and three rage tacet cores
50 15k Eight MF whisperin cores, eight pecok flowers, and six rage tacet cores
60 20k Four HF whisperin cores, 12 pecok flowers, and nine rage tacet cores
70 40k Eight HF whisperin cores, 16 pecok flowers, and 12 rage tacet cores
80 80k Four FF whisperin cores, 20 pecok flowers, and 16 rage tacet cores

Here’s where to get all of Encore’s ascension materials:

  • Whisperin cores – drops from whisperin tacet discords, purchased in the store, or via synthesis
  • Pecok flowers – found in the wild in Taoyuan Village and Tiderise Cliff, or bought from Shifang Pharmacy in Jinzhou
  • Rage tacet cores – drops from the Inferno Rider tacet discord boss in Guixu’s Sea of Flames

That’s everything you need to know about Wuthering Waves’ Encore. If you fancy trying out a different open-world adventure, check out our Genshin Impact codes, Genshin Impact tier list, and build guides for Genshin Impact’s Collei, Genshin Impact’s Diona, and Genshin Impact’s Klee.