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Is WWE 2K23 coming to Nintendo Switch?

Many players likely want to see a WWE 2K23 Switch version, and that’s why we’ve put together everything we know about the game and its platforms

WWE 2K23 key art featuring John Cena

Wrestling fans are once again ready to lay the smackdown in the squared circle, but some likely want to know the answer to the question, is WWE 2K23 coming to Nintendo Switch? We intend to answer that question as we explain what platforms the game is on, and whether or not that includes a WWE 2K23 Switch version.

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Anyway, time to enter the ring and see if 2K plans to tap out WWE 2K23.

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Is WWE 2K23 coming to Nintendo Switch?

Sad news. No, there are no plans for WWE 2K23 to come to Nintendo Switch. So if you want to unleash some RKOs outta nowhere, you need to grab the game on PC, PlayStation, or Xbox. Should 2K recognise the pedigree of the hybrid console and port the game over, we’ll be sure to update this article.

When is the WWE 2K23 release date?

If you do want to pick up the game on a different platform, you can do so from March 14, 2023.

Who is the WWE 2K23 cover star?

It’s a bit hard to tell who the cover star is as you can’t actually see him, but John Cena is front and centre for WWE 2K23. The man has a hall-of-fame-worthy career and boasts a couple of WWE game covers already, so to us, it makes sense to put the legend on it this time. The fact that the showcase mode pays homage to his illustrious career is just the cherry on top.

There you have it, the answer to the question “is WWE 2K23 coming to Nintendo Switch?” If you can’t wait to head to suplex city, our wrestling games guide can help you get there.