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Anime Crossover tier list May 2024

Our Anime Crossover Defense tier list can help you decide which three characters to equip as you head out into tower defense battles.

Anime Crossover tier list - a pink haired character stood next to a Deo shining gold

Heading out into this anime-themed Roblox tower defense game? Then take a look at our Anime Crossover tier list to narrow down your choice of characters. You can equip three at once, and they come in different rarities, with different skills – so we’ve sorted them into different ranks from S-tier down to D-tier.

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Anime Defense Crossover tier list

Here are all the currently available characters in Anime Crossover, ranked from S down to D tier.

Rank Anime Crossover character
S Modoro, Rengogo, White Moustache
A Blossom, Bob, Boulmi, Butterfly, Byakari, Cat Burglar, Time Maid
B Carrot, Curly Brows, Eric, Henry, Joe, Mosshead
C Dark Invader, Deo, Ichytoe
D Nirito, Peaceful Jeri, Sneaky Clone

Anime Crossover tier list - the summoning screen showing a legendary pull

How do I get more Anime Crossover characters?

To get more characters in Anime Crossover Defense, you need to use the game’s gacha system. To do that, either click the Summon tab or head to the Summon area in the lobby. Then, choose whether to summon one or ten units – depending on how many gems you wish to spend.

On the summon screen, you can see which characters currently have a rate-up – this includes a Mythical, a Legendary, an Epic, and a Rare level character. Featured characters are more likely to drop and be shiny or a primal unit. While most of your pulls will be Rare level characters, you’re guaranteed at least one mythical every 500 summons.

For a look at which characters are coming up next, the Anime Crossover Defense Trello board has sneak peeks of upcoming additions that will join the game’s roster soon.

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