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Haze Piece tier list and reroll guide

Our Roblox Haze Piece tier list is on hand to point out some of the superior devil fruit options in the game, and how to reroll if you don’t get what you want.

Haze Piece tier list - a character jumping in the air

As a One Piece game, it’s no surprise that Haze Piece features devil fruit. For new players, it may seem a bit daunting, given how many are available, so we have this Haze Piece tier list to give you an idea of what the best ones are. Not only that, we also dive into what the best Haze Piece races are. We even offer advice on the best way to do a Haze Piece reroll should you want to change your character type.

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Anyway, let’s dive into our Haze Piece tier list and take a look at what the best devil fruit options are.

Haze Piece tier list - an avatar stood near the devil fruit stand

Haze Piece tier list

Before we go any further, it’s important for us to point out that while we take great care to put together these tier lists, they’re most definitely subjective. Should we put a devil fruit in D, that doesn’t necessarily mean you should avoid it at all costs. It may well be that a lower-ranking fruit or character type works better for you, and that’s the joy of games like Haze Piece, you can adapt to your own playstyle.

Haze Piece devil fruit tier list

Rank Haze Piece devil fruit
S Darkness, Magma, Electricity
A Phoenix, Rubber Tremor, Ice, Gravity
B Flame, Sand, Light, String, Gas, Snow, Paw
C Operation, Mammoth, Smoke, Chop, Barrier, Buddha, Spike
D Kilo, Bomb, Clear, Spin

Haze Piece race tier list

Rank Haze Piece race
S Demon, Dragonoid, D-Clan
A Lunarian, Celestial Dragon
B Cyborg, Mink, Dragon
C Fishman, 3 Eyed tribe
D Human

How do I do a Haze Piece reroll?

There’s just one way to do a Haze Piece reroll and that’s through Haze Piece codes. So, if you want to do a Haze Piece race reroll, make sure you stop by our codes list. The game randomly assigns your race the first time you boot up the game, so it really is a luck of the draw.

And there you have it, our Haze Piece tier list and reroll guide. We hope it helps you to discover the best Haze Piece race and devil fruit for you. Should you want a less blocky adventure with the straw hats, make sure you check out our list of the best One Piece games on Switch and mobile.