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Anime Sword Fighters Simulator codes

Grab all the latest Roblox Anime Sword Fighters Simulator codes and fill your pockets with multiple helpful boosters of every kind.

Anime Sword Fighters Simulator codes: a character holding a sword in front of banners in a courtyard

If daily life is getting you down, we recommend you work out some stress in Roblox and use these new Anime Sword Fighters Simulator codes to stock up on all kinds of booster potions. You can also collect cool ‘pets’ modeled after famous anime characters like Naruto, which is neat.

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Here are all the new Anime Sword Fighters Simulator codes:

  • X2power305 – two times power boost
  • X2power20min – two times power boost
  • Shutdown2xpower – two times power boost
  • Skillsfix1 – two times power boost
  • X2powerkorea – two times power boost
  • Getrich – two times coin boost
  • Collector – two times coin boost
  • Spraden – two five-minute coin boosters
  • Kolapo – two five-minute coin boosters
  • Oatsz – two five-minute coin boosters
  • Strongest – two ten-minute coin boosters
  • Holiday – two 15-minute power boosters
  • Eggmaster – super luck boost
  • SisterGuard – super luck booster
  • Feelinglucky – five-minute super luck booster
  • Secret – ten-minute super luck booster
  • Celestial – ten-minute super luck booster
  • Christmas – ten-minute super luck booster
  • Ascend – two five-minute power boosters
  • BugsSquashed – two ten-minute power boosters
  • NewYear – two ten-minute power boosters
  • Climb – two ten-minute power boosters
  • Valentine – two ten-minute power boosters
  • SORRYSHUT1 – two 15-minute power boosters
  • sorry4luck – two 15-minute power boosters
  • ASFS – two 15-minute power boosters
  • Striker – damage boost
  • Holiday – two times coin boost

Expired Codes:

  • Dungeons

How to redeem Anime Sword Fighters Simulator codes in the Roblox game

How do I redeem Anime Sword Fighters Simulator codes?

To get your hands on all these boosts and buffs, follow the easy steps below.

  • Open up Anime Sword Fighters Simulator in Roblox
  • Click the shop icon
  • Scroll all the way to the bottom of the menu, or hit the Twitter icon on the side
  • Paste or type in a code one at a time and hit redeem

Now you have plenty of potions at your disposal.

What are Anime Sword Fighters Simulator codes?

These codes come from the game’s developer, Farm Studio 2, and are often shown on the official Roblox page. Each code is unique to this game and can expire at any time, so we recommend you grab the power and luck boosts as soon as you can. We’ll keep this page updated with any new codes when they go live.

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