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Anime World Tower Defense tier list June 2024

Our Anime World Tower Defense tier list ranks each unit based on their effectiveness in combat, we also explain how to evolve your units.

Anime World Tower Defense tier list key art depicting three characters

Defending what’s yours can be tough, but with our Anime World Tower Defense tier list, you at least know which units can give you a fighting chance. This Roblox experience features many different types of units, each with varying stats regarding health, speed, damage, range, and more, all of which come together to rank them in our list.

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Anyway, onto our Anime World Tower Defense tier list.

Anime World Tower Defense tier list key art showing three relatively spooky characters

Anime World Tower Defense tier list

To help us decide our rankings, we take a look at the community, conduct research, and use our own experiences. However, if you want to use a unit that we place in rank D, that’s okay. Tier lists are entirely subjective, and it may be that you find certain units to be more helpful than we do, and that’s great – it’s one of the best things about games like Anime World Tower Defense.

Rank Anime World Tower Defense units
S Hoku [Inf], Lord Sombra, Uchigo (Mad), Tides Queen
A Father, Pinky, Blood Demon, RedArcher, DragonEye, Dark Kongkun, Fear symbol, SlimeLord, Supersonic Ninja, Manala, Vishikun, Permeation Hero, Shizaku [Monster], Unbreakable Hero, Dog Captain, Misuko, KreizerFullPower, Desert Pirate, Ruffy Emperor
B HunterKid, DarkHollow, Arter, Lion Heart, Royal Girl, Cat Spirit, Veshita, Berserk Mecha, Thunder Boy, Virtual Swordsman, Kroly, Mage Child, Mist Pillar Mui, Scarlet Knight, Pillarman Kazel, Ruffy, Blood Demon, Hell Flame, One Eye Monster R, Flame Emperor, Muge, Burn Hybrid, Red Archer, Muda Boy, Franken Lady, Magician Red, The Demon Blade, Nightblade Samurai, Father, Steel Bat, Supersonic Ninja, Blue Flames, VirtualSwordGirl
C VirtualSwordsman (Gun), HolyKnight Alrmer, Seventeen (Abyss), King Colo, Boost, Kongkun (GT), Franken Lady, Poseidon Lobos, Uchigo, Barust, NewYork-Jo, Barust, Ozy, Boost UR, Blood Wing, Lion Heart, Manato, Skull Assassin, Purgatory, Firefighter Shun, Evil Kal, Tochi, Fire Revolutionist, Saiki Ground UR, Brute Captain
D TheGrappler, Hoku, Ground, Ramen Guy

Anime World Tower Defense tier list screenshot showing where to get new units

How do I get new Anime World Tower Defense units?

You can purchase new units in the home hub’s ‘summon units’ section. To upgrade your units, you need to go to the laboratory and use the evolution machine. Once there, you can preview what your stats will be for the unit you intend to evolve, it also tells you how much the evolution costs. If you don’t have enough, simply play the game to get some more currency (gold, blue orbs, evil fruit, and ninja scrolls).

We hope our Anime World Tower Defense tier list helps you make those tough calls. If you’d rather slay demons, be sure to check out our Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat codes and Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat tier list guides.