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Bee Factory codes

Our Roblox Bee Factory codes guide is here to add some buzz to your building and get ready to make the Bee Factory of your honey-laden dreams.

Bee Factory codes: a Roblox avatar stands in the middle of a green area, flanked by beehives

That’s right, Bee Factory codes are out in the world, and the buzz around town is that more are on the way. Not that it’s any of your beeswax, but we’re addicted to this thrilling Roblox game and can’t wait to get back to our bees. No need for a plan bee, we’re hunkering down with our codes and some snacks to look after our fuzzy, buzzy yellow pals, and we’re buzzing with excitement.

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Bee Factory codes

Active codes:

  • MattytheFatty – reward
  • Digito – 1,000 cash
  • 100kVisits – one token
  • Update2 – 1,000 cash
  • Update1 – 1,000 cash

Expired codes:

  • Release
  • 5kVisits
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How do I redeem Bee Factory codes?

It’s pretty easy to redeem your Bee Factory codes, just follow these steps:

  • Open up Roblox
  • Fire up Bee Factory
  • Tap the codes button on the left of the screen
  • Input an active code
  • Tap confirm
  • Enjoy your beewards!

What are Bee Factory codes?

Bee Factory codes are sets of numbers and letters you can input into the game to unlock certain rewards. Whether it’s extra coins or boosts in productivity and gameplay, these codes are really helpful, so you want to bee paying attention. Developer Bee Tower Tycoon releases codes to coincide with the release of updates, as well as events and holidays. You can follow the Bee Tower Tycoon developer on Twitter to find codes, but if you don’t fancy the work, just bookmark this page and check back regularly. We do all the searching for you.

That’s all the Bee Factory codes we have for today, folks. That’s not all bee have, though, as the Pocket Tactics hive is always working away like a busy bee. Make sure you stay up to date with our bumper guide to Roblox game codes.