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The best AT&T phones in 2024

Our list of the best AT&T phones helps you cut through the mountain of choices, with cellular devices for those of you who love photography and gaming.

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Whether you’re new to the network or looking to upgrade your current device, we’ve found the best AT&T phones that the carrier provides. AT&T features on our list of the best cell phone providers in the US, offering a decent range of plans if you don’t mind browsing, plus physical stores should you want face-to-face customer service.

We’ve picked the best AT&T phones for this list based on the company’s reception. AT&T hasn’t moved as quickly into 5G coverage for the best 5G phones as others, so we recommend getting a phone that can support the new 3.45GHz 5G – that includes the Galaxy S23 lineup and the iPhone 15 Pro Max on this list. Check AT&T’s wireless coverage across the US to find out how well your area is covered. As AT&T is a US-based telecoms service, all of the best AT&T phones are ready and waiting stateside.

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iPhone 15 Pro Max

The best AT&T phone overall

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iPhone 15 Pro Max specifications:
Display 6.7″ 120HZ Super Retina XDR OLED (1290 x 2796)
Battery 4,441 mAh
Chipset Apple A17 Pro
Storage 256GB-1TB
Reasons to buy
  • Gorgeous display
  • Unrivaled performance
  • Excellent camera
Reasons to avoid
  • Expensive
  • Insufficient cooling for long gaming sessions

It’s undeniable that the iPhone 15 Pro Max is the most powerful iPhone on the market right now, and it also sizes up as one of the best gaming phones out there. In fact, upon its release it caused quite a stir as Apple announced that it’s capable of running some pretty impressive titles, including Resident Evil Village, Resident Evil 4, and Assassin’s Creed Mirage.

In fact, Jeremy Sandmel, Apple’s Senior Director of GPU Software, stated that the iPhone 15 Pro’s performance had the potential to make it “the best game console” – and the Pro Max only pushes the device to new heights, with a console-level GPU and unrivaled performance.

The iPhone 15 Pro Max  features Apple’s A17 Pro chip, which is more efficient than the previous A16 bionic chip featured in earlier iOS devices. And, of course, the display – while unchanged from the iPhone 14 Pro Max – is absolutely sublime, sporting an OLED 120Hz panel that supports always-on functionality and the dynamic island.

As always, the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s camera is brilliant, with more priority placed on user control than previous models, and a great telephoto lens that allows you to take clear shots from a distance. Additionally, the 15 series introduces a feature we’ve be wanting for a long time – it finally charges via USB-C rather than lightning.

On the downside, this device comes at an undeniably premium price tag, and it’s unlikely to drop any time soon. Its battery life also isn’t the best, and on launch there were some reports of overheating, though Apple seems to have addressed this now. But, overall, if you’ve got the cash to splash, this little beauty is sure to keep you gaming for plenty of time to come. If you do decide to take the plunge, be sure to grab one of the best iPhone 15 Pro Max cases to protect it, though!

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

The best AT&T phone for photos

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Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra specifications:
Display 6.8″ 120Hz AMOLED (1440 x 3088)
Battery 5,000 mAh
Chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2
RAM 8-12GB
Storage 256GB-1TB
Reasons to buy
  • Incredible camera
  • Can capture 8K video
  • Great display
Reasons to avoid
  • Very expensive
  • Quite large

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is a terrific flagship phone that brings together the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note lines. The camera array is one of the best in the entire market, and Samsung’s computational photography features even help you to edit and fix your photos once taken.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra is perfect for streamers and content creators, thanks to its 8K video capabilities. When you combine that with the excellent chipset, RAM, and memory, you have an excessively powerful phone in your hands.

If you’re into mobile gaming, just imagine how smoothly the likes of Genshin Impact runs – thanks to the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset – never mind how gorgeous it looks with a luscious 120Hz AMOLED screen. Better still, the 5000 mAh battery and fast charge mean you can rely on this smartphone for long gaming sessions and can trust it to last you the day.

To get a cell phone of this caliber, you’re looking at a large price tag, regardless of where you purchase it. So, if you have the funds to spare, make no mistake, this is a terrific device, but if you want something that’s more modest, this isn’t the phone for you. Alternatively, if you want to stick to Samsung but would like to see what other options are available, check out our list of the best Samsung phones.

Google Pixel 7

The best mid-rang AT&T phone

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Google Pixel 7 specifications:
Display 6.3-inch 90Hz AMOLED (1080 x 2400)
Battery 4,355 mAh
Chipset Google Tensor G2
Storage 128-256GB
Reasons to buy
  • Fantastic photo and video quality
  • Smooth performance
  • High value for reasonable price
Reasons to avoid
  • Gets hot while gaming
  • Not as powerful as other phones
  • Can’t capture 8k videos

The Google Pixel 7 is a solid middle-of-the-road smartphone. For its price, you do get a decent device that ticks a number of boxes – it has a great camera, good charging speeds, and a bright AMOLED display (though at 6.3 inches, it has one of the smaller screens on this list). Still, it’s bigger than the vanilla iPhone 14, and that costs more money.

While the camera doesn’t quite reach the heights of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, the Google Pixel 7 still has an impressive piece of kit, as you can capture 4K images and videos at 1080p with 60 fps. The 90Hz screen refresh rate is decent, too.

If you’re after a good value phone for a reasonable price that has a good camera, quick charging, and a lovely bright screen, look no further than the Google Pixel 7. Or, if you fancy seeing what the Pixel 7’s siblings have to offer, head over to our list of the best Google Pixel phones.

iPhone 13

The best mid-range AT&T gaming phone

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iPhone 13 specifications:
Display Super Retina XDR OLED 6.1” (1170 x 2532)
Battery 3240 mAh
Chipset Apple A15 Bionic
Storage 128-512GB
Reasons to buy
  • Access to Apple Arcade games
  • Beautiful display
  • Supports the most recent OS software
Reasons to avoid
  • Older, less powerful model
  • Limited 60 Hz refresh rate

If you fancy a solid gaming phone but don’t want to pay for the pricey iPhone 15 Pro Max, the iPhone 13 may be the device for you. It may not be as powerful as some of the other options on this list, but it’s a very well-priced option because it’s not the latest flagship. It’s more than capable of running the best Apple Arcade games, and offers plenty of value for money.

Why pay more if all you’re after is a cell phone that is good for gaming as well as everyday use? The iPhone 13 takes well-balanced and sharp images, even if it doesn’t quite match the caliber of Apple’s most recent flagship device, and the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra that’s capable of 8K video.

The iPhone 13 is a few generations old now, but still continues to keep up to date with the latest OS systems, meaning you still get the most up-to-date software Apple offers, and it maintains reliable performance despite its age. It also has a pretty snazzy camera and a beautiful display, both of which aren’t vastly behind the latest models.

Internal storage extends up to 512GB with the iPhone 13, giving you plenty of room for photos, videos, and games. Plus, though the chipset is two generations behind, it’s still a good bit of kit that helps to ensure a smooth experience when playing games.

While the iPhone 13 may not size up against some of the fancier gaming phones like the Asus ROG Phone 8 Pro, it still stands its ground today, and is more than capable of running all the best mobile games for a couple hundred dollars less. Just be sure to grab one of the best iPhone 13 cases and the best power banks for iPhone to keep it well-protected and juiced up.

Samsung Galaxy A14 5G

The best budget AT&T phone

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Samsung Galaxy A14 5G specifications:
Display 6.6″ 90HZ PLS LCD (1080 x 2408)
Battery 5,000 mAh
Chipset Mediatek Dimensity 700
Storage 64/128GB
Reasons to buy
  • Very affordable 5G phone
  • Vibrant display with 90Hz refresh rate
  • Good battery that lasts up to two days
Reasons to avoid
  • Bland design with outdated bezels
  • Low RAM can throttle performance
  • Low storage capacity

The Samsung Galaxy A14 isn’t going to win a specs competition, but it’s by far the most affordable phone on this list, costing several hundred dollars less than major flagships. It’s also 5G compatible, giving you access to faster and more reliable data speeds on the cheap.

Design-wise, the Samsung Galaxy A14 comes in one solid black color and lacks any real innovation in its appearance. The RAM and storage are also at the lower end for both, which is another consequence of a device in this price bracket. It’s enough for the casual day-to-day usage you’d expect from a handset under $200.

The chipset is none too impressive either, it can run games, but it’s not likely to be as smooth as a phone that boasts Snapdragon tech (especially those with Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipsets).  The Mediatek Dimensity 700 gear can still scratch that gaming itch, just don’t expect it to compete with the best Samsung phones.

One major benefit of this smartphone is the 5000 mAh battery that can hold a charge well, making it a great pick for everyday use. It’s in a league of its own for the price and is a good first phone, which is why we’ve picked it as the best budget option from AT&T.

How we chose the best AT&T phones

There’s a lot to consider when you buy a new phone, and with so many options out in the market, it’s vital to know why you should buy one smartphone over another. The first thing we take into consideration is the price and whether or not the device justified its price tag, as well as whether or not it goes above and beyond its competition in the same bracket.

Next, there’s the battery, because what good is an amazing chipset, matched with RAM and storage, if your phone doesn’t live long enough to actually make use of those features? Speaking of the chipset, RAM, and storage, if you take mobile gaming seriously, these are things that can determine what sort of experience a device can offer you.

We pay attention to whether or not they can give you a great gaming experience, as well as solid general use. Smartphone photography is also a huge selling point for content creators, streamers, and general snappers, so we’ll also make sure that different levels are catered for with the latest phones.

We spend weeks testing phones in real life and benchmarking them before we make a recommendation. If you want to know how we test devices for all of the aforementioned features.

Are AT&T phones good?

The simple answer is yes, AT&T phones are good, given that the provider offers all the latest flagship devices. AT&T offers phone plans from Apple, Samsung, Google, and Motorola, giving you the option of the best Android phone and the best gaming iPhone.

If you decide that you don’t want to go through AT&T to get a new device, check out what the competition is doing with the best Verizon phones and best T-Mobile phones.

Alternatively, if you know what type of smartphone you’re after but want to narrow down your options, read through our best budget gaming phonesbest foldable phones, and best 4G phones buying guides.