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The global Black Clover M release date is finally here

The Black Clover M: Rise of the Wizard King release date is here, so be sure to pre-register to Garena's anime RPG to get a bunch of free items on launch.

Black Clover M release date - a white-haired anime character grinning and holding his fist up in front of some buildings and sakura trees

Get ready for an epic adventure, because mobile game giant Garena is stepping away from the battle royale world to bring us a different fight in Black Clover M: Rise of the Wizard King. Based on the hit anime and manga series, this tactical, turn-based RPG is turning heads now that the global Black Clover M release date is here.

Black Clover M is an intriguing gacha game that invites you into a familiar yet fresh world of magic, battles, and adventure. And, if you’re a fan of the anime, you’ll be glad to know that it features Black Clover’s fantastic cast of voice actors including Gakuto Kajiwara, Nobunaga Shimazaki, and Daisuke Ono reprising their roles.

In Black Clover M, we join Asta and co on a new adventure, working through story-driven quests littered with anime cutscenes. This exciting new anime game allows us to experience the world of Black Clover in a different way while immersing ourselves in the easy-to-play strategy tactics and turn-based combat. And, if you pre-register before release, you can snap up some great goodies to help you hit the ground running.

When is the Black Clover M: Rise of the Wizard King release date?

Black Clover M is available for all mobile gamers now, after Garena released it on November 30, 2023.

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