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Bleach: Soul Resonance release date window and trailer

The Bleach: Soul Resonance release date is set for 2024, so here’s everything you need to know about the game, including trailers, platforms, and more.

Bleach Soul Resonance release date, three heroes in front of a light purple background

Want to know when the Bleach: Soul Resonance release date is? Well, join the club as many anime and mobile games fans worldwide await more information about the launch of the upcoming mobile game. As the name indicates, you get to join the world of Bleach, meaning you can expect to engage in some fierce combat when the game does finally release on mobile.

We know it’s not just Bleach: Soul Resonance you’re waiting for either, as many of you also eagerly await the Seven Deadly Sins Origins release date, Assassin’s Creed Jade release date, Avatar Reckoning release date, and Honor of Kings release date. At least all these titles mean 2024 should be a stellar year for videogames. Who knows, perhaps one or two of these may make it onto our best mobile games list.

Here’s all we know about the Bleach: Soul Resonance release date.

Bleach: Soul Resonance release date window

Though there have been a couple of testing events for the game, we don’t currently have a Bleach: Soul Resonance release date, but we do have a window for 2024. Admittedly, that’s little to go on, but as soon as we get a set quarter, month, or day, we’ll be sure to update this guide and let you know.

In the meantime, you can keep an eye on the official website, Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok to hear all the latest news.

Is there a Bleach: Soul Resonance trailer?

There is a Bleach: Soul Resonance trailer, and it shows you exactly what you can expect from the game. Yes, that means plenty of action in the form of intense sword fights. If you want to get a feel for the title, watch the trailer below. You can also subscribe to the official YouTube channel so you can watch new videos as they drop.

YouTube Thumbnail

What are the Bleach Soul Resonance platforms?

Bleach: Soul Resonance is coming to mobile, but we can’t say with absolute certainty that it will be on both iOS and Android. However, given that Bleach: Brave Souls is available across both platforms, it seems unlikely that Bleach: Soul Resonance will have an exclusivity deal with either iOS or Android.

As soon as we have confirmation on which platforms the game is coming to, we’ll be sure to update this guide.

What is Bleach Soul Resonance?

Bleach: Soul Resonance is an upcoming mobile game set in the world of Bleach. More specifically, it takes place during the Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War era, a direct sequel to the original Bleach anime. As such, you can expect to come across some familiar moments from the show as you join fan-favorite characters, such as Ichigo Kurosaki, while you experience the story in a new way.

You can explore a huge world and control different characters as you put together an elite team with various skills. As ever with team-based mechanics, you must consider your strategy when choosing who to take with you.

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