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Chocobo GP characters – see you on the track

Wondering who to hit the track with? Well, our Chocobo GP characters list has all the answers you need to get you past that finish line

Three Chocobo GP characters on different tracks

Listen up. There’s racing to be done, tracks to drift on, and heaps of tournaments to win, in Chocobo GP. If you’re a Final Fantasy fan, you’re likely familiar with the Chocobo series, and Chocobo GP serves as the sequel to Chocobo racing. As a kart racer, it’s up to you to get behind the wheel and show off your need for speed, as you sabotage your opponents through the use of power-ups and a variety of unique racer abilities.

So, you might be asking yourself, who are the Chocobo GP characters? Well, never fear, for we’ve put together a list of not only all the playable Chocobo GP characters, but also what abilities they possess. These abilities can be a huge game-changer, so it’s helpful to know what each of them does when working out which characters match your personal playstyle and your approach to races.

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Without further ado, here are all the Chocobo GP characters

A character speeding down the track

Chocobo GP characters

Chocobo GP characters Chocobo GP character abilities
Chocobo Chocobo dash – create a boost ring that can be used by all racers that enter it
Atla Pom-pom crystal – steal crystals from the drivers in front of you, and throw fake ones at racers behind you
Camilla’s Pa Plow – use Camilla’s Pa’s plow, which not only makes you invincible, but also causes other racers to spin out of control
Camilla Chocobo combo – release five rings, gaining a boost with each consecutive ring you hit. However, all racers are able to use them
Cid Three-shot burst – shoot other racers with cannon blasts, potentially causing them to spin out
Irma Boost chain – gain an immediate boost
Shiroma Kurukuru counter – Kurukuru protects you, meaning no harm can come to you from other racers as long as the shield is active
Terra Magitek missile – shoot five projectiles in front of you, causing an instant wipeout to any racers you hit
Maduin Chaos wave – boost forward, harming any other racers that are near you
Ben Charge – grow in size and boost forward, charging through all drivers in your way
Vivi Dbl magic – cast two different types of magic at the same time. The direction input determines the spells you cast
Ifrit Hellfire – create a fire barrier that moves along the race track
Steiner Moonlight slash – attack the racer in front of you, causing them to wipe out. Can also cause other drivers to spinout if they get caught in the aftershocks
Asura Tsunami – rush forward on a wave of water, which also causes any racer that touches it to wipeout
Ramuh Judgement bolt – call a thundercloud that follows the opposition. This has the possibility to cause a wipeout
Titan Gaia’s wrath – cause a shockwave that propels pillars from the ground. Any racer hit by the pillars spins out of control
Sylph Whispering wind – create whirlwinds that not only make it hard for other racers to control their vehicles, but also reduces their movement speed
Shiva Diamond dust – freeze the other racers, limiting the abilities they can use
Gilgamesh Sword saint – lob a load of swords at the other racers, The effect they have depends upon which sword hits your opponent
Mecha Chocobo Berserk – continuously attack those in front of you for a limited time
Racing Hero X Mog beam X – fire a massive laser, hitting racers in front of you. Alternatively, you can fire  it behind you to create a shield that defends you from incoming attacks

Chocobo GP season one characters

There are two characters up for grabs in Chocobo GP season one.

Chocobo GP characters Chocobo GP character abilities
Squall Blasting zone – deal damage to those around you, potentially wiping them out
Cloud Blade beam – fire a beam in front of you. Those caught in your crossfire wipeout

Phew, and there you have it – all of the current Chocobo GP characters. If you’re after more speedy action, check out our picks for the best Switch racing games. We also have a list of the best Switch games if you want to see what else is out there. If you want to try before you buy, head over to our guide to Chocobo GP Lite and see what the free version has to offer.

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