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How to play Cookie Clicker on mobile and browser

If you want to know how to play Cookie Clicker and bake your way to the top, read on to find out where to play on mobile devices.

A giant cookie from Cookie Clicker surrounded by mouse pointers

The sweet idle game, Cookie Clicker, took the world by storm and still has people asking how to play Cookie Clicker on more than just a PC, so they can take their cookie empire on the go. You click a cookie to get more cookies and spend them on upgrades to streamline and expand your cookie production. It’s very addictive and will make you crave the sweet treats.

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How do I play Cookie Clicker on mobile?

Click, or tap, your way to cookie-baking success in the Cookie Clicker mobile version on Android. Developer Orteil does hope to bring Cookie Clicker to iOS soon, too, though it’s not quite there yet.

The app has a bit less content than the full browser version. There are over 300 fewer upgrades, fewer buildings, and more than 200 fewer achievements to complete in the app. But, these could appear in the future.

how to play Cookie Clicker: a screenshot of the game on mobile

How do I play Cookie Clicker on browser?

If you’re not a fan of the app version, you can play the original browser version of Cookie Clicker by visiting the site right here. It does work on mobile, but it isn’t optimized so isn’t necessarily the easiest site to navigate.

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What is Cookie Clicker?

What isn’t Cookie Clicker? It’s an addictive idle game where you bake cookies. The more you click, the more cookies appear, and the more money and fame you earn. Spend your hard-earned cookies on upgrades like grandmas to help speed up the baking process and eventually ascend to a point where you earn heavenly chips.

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