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Cuphead Ms Chalice’s personality, playstyle, and more

Cuphead’s Ms Chalice is the new addition to the porcelain pals, bringing much-needed variety. Learn all about her personality, playstyle, and more

Cuphead Ms Chalice: key art shows Ms Chalice against a yellow background

Cuphead is a difficult game. Nobody is going to argue that. This is what makes it so crazy that the Cuphead – The Delicious Last Course DLC levels are some of the toughest in the entire package. Luckily this aggravating addition also includes Cuphead’s Ms Chalice, a cheery vessel with fun new ways to play. So, learn all about her in our guide, governing Ms Chalice’s personality, playstyle, and more.

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Let’s dive into our Cuphead Ms Chalice guide.

Cuphead Ms Chalice: a screenshot from The Cuphead Show shows Ms Chalice, leaning and striking a pose

Who is Cuphead’s Ms Chalice?

Ms Chalice is an additional playable character in Cuphead, available through the Cuphead – The Delicious Last Course DLC. In the main Cuphead game, Ms Chalice is an NPC called the Legendary Chalice, but if either Cuphead or Mugman equip the astral charm cookie, they turn into Ms Chalice at the start of a level.

She’s a yellow chalice, unlike her cup-based friends, and in the Cuphead – Delicious Last Course DLC she’s on a mission to help Chef Saltbaker create the wondertart. However, she’s still friends with Cuphead and Mugman, happily helping them out on their journey.

What is Cuphead Ms Chalice’s personality?

Cuphead’s Ms Chalice is smarter than Cuphead and Mugman, but just as positive and friendly. She does, however, use her intelligence and charm to get her own way, manipulating both of the mug brothers to do what she wants, and many other characters in The Cuphead Show.

Cuphead Ms Chalice: a screenshot from Cuphead shows ms Chalice and Cuphead in airplanes, fighting a giant horse cowboy

How to play as Cuphead’s Ms Chalice

Once you purchase the Cuphead Delicious Last Course DLC, you gain access to a new item called the astral charm cookie. Equipping this turns either Cuphead or Mugman into Ms Chalice, but it replaces a charm slot. However, Ms Chalice has her own unique perks and gameplay, and using the cookie, you can play as her on any stage from the entire game, including the original levels.

What is Cuphead Ms Chalice’s playstyle?

Unlike Cuphead or Mugman, Ms Chalice has a double jump, and when crouching she can dodge roll. Next, Ms Chalice’s dash works as her parry, instead of having to activate the parry by pressing the jump button twice. This gives you slightly more time and space to activate it. She also has an extra health slot, to make up for the loss of a charm slot when you equip the astral charm cookie. Using Ms Chalice may seem easier, but you must balance her style with a smaller selection of charms.

Cuphead Ms Chalice: a screenshot from The Cuphead Show shows Cuphead, Ms Chalice, and Mugman stood in a line, celebrating

Who voices Cuphead’s Ms Chalice?

Grey DeLisle (formerly Grey Griffin) is the voice of Ms Chalice in The Cuphead Show. She is a renowned voice actor, also known for her work as Martin on The Simpsons, Jeanne in the Bayonetta franchise, Catwoman in Batman: Arkham City and Injustice 2 (among many other DC projects), Nassana Dantius in Mass Effect, as well as Daphne Blake in multiple Scooby Doo series and games. Read more about Grey DeLisle over on her IMDB page.

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