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Demian Saga tier list

Grab your crew with our Demian Saga tier list, and get ready to explore the Primeval Highlands with the toughest team you could pool together.

Demian Saga tier list: key art shows a long path through the clouds

Avast yee mateys! If you’re exploring the fantasy seas of Demian Saga, boy, have we got a bountiful booty for you. The rich RPG world is full of stunning pirate pals to add to your party, so we’re putting together a Demian Saga tier list to help you separate your first mate from your salty sea dogs.

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Let’s dive into our Demian Saga tier list.

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Demian Saga tier list

The action RPG Demian Saga is still very new, so while we’re still piecing things together, this list is in flux. If you disagree with our ranking, let us know over at the Pocket Tactics Facebook page. Also, each character has their own individual level, so feel free to power up the units you prefer, as they are all viable in their own way. With that in mind, get into our Demian Saga tier list.

Tier Demian Saga characters
S Nakuru, Jaden, Leo Khan, Siegfried, Sharon, Slayer, Elizabeth, Princesa 
A Saw, Yeriel, Casper, Anastasi, Claro, Judas, Pho, Xenos, Nazar, Serena 
B Grace, Violet, Yui Kim, Vanessa, Iron Maiden, Dr Sparky,  Kenichi, Miho, Noah, Victoria, Lucia, Obelisk, Manes
C Floria, Billy The Kid, Britra, Poll Rock, Jasmine, Bianca, Keily

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