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Pet Simulator 99 codes June 2024

When available, Roblox Pet Simulator 99 codes are likely to provide valuable in-game goodies such as pets and items to unlock all the virtual friends you want.

Pet Simulator 99 codes: A roblox avatar in front of a horde of pets

Though there aren’t any available yet, we know that Pet Simulator 99 codes are a thing, as there’s a PS99 codes redemption option in-game. In this Roblox experience, you can collect pets such as dogs, cats, sharks, dolphins, ducks, dragons, tigers, and more. Not only that, but you also get to unlock and explore various worlds where you can meet these pets.

It might not surprise you to know that Pet Simulator 99 comes to you from the same people who make PSX. Speaking of which, check out our Pet Simulator X codes for even more freebies. Alternatively, you can visit our Roblox game codes page to discover links to our Anime Adventures codes, Blade Ball codes, Anime Punch Simulator codes, Anime Souls X codes, Fruit Battlegrounds codes, Fruit Tower Defense codes, The Simpsons Tower Defense codes, Tower Defense Rise codes, Death Ball codes, Anime Spirits codes, Blox Fruits codes, and more.

Pet Simulator 99 codes

There aren’t any new PS99 codes at the moment. However, given there’s a way to redeem them, we know that the developer, Big Games Pets, does intend to add them at some point. We’re on standby for when Pet Simulator 99 codes become available, so check back here regularly to avoid missing out.

Pet Simulator 99 codes redemption screen

What are Pet Simulator 99 codes?

Until Pet Simulator 99 codes become available, we can’t be sure what freebies they offer, though we suspect it to be in-game currency, pets, or eggs. As soon as the developer, Big Games Pets, releases PS99 codes we’ll let you know. In a similar vein to other Roblox experiences, there’s a chance new ones will arrive to celebrate events and milestones.

Of course, there’s another option for PS99 codes and that’s plushies, should you get physical merch for Pet Simulator 99 or PSX, you’ll get a code with it. However, you’d best head to the Big Games website promptly, as these goodies are sure to sell out.

What is the Pet Simulator 99 Super Secret code?

There’s a super secret Pet Simulator 99 code out there but there’s one small problem, nobody on the internet knows what it is yet. Sure, there’s a chance someone out there has discovered it and doesn’t want to share it with the world, but the bragging rights that would come with sharing such information has us convinced nobody knows it yet.

If you do discover the code, you need to head to Arera 35 and speak to Preston. He’ll ask you to enter the super secret PS99 code. Rest assured, as soon as we’re privy to this information, we’ll share it with all of you.

How do I redeem Pet Simulator 99 codes?

To redeem Pet Simulator 99 codes, you need to:

  • Fire up Roblox
  • Launch Pet Simulator 99
  • Tap the pet grid at the bottom of the screen
  • Tap on the shopping cart
  • Scroll down
  • Tap the redeem codes banner
  • Enter your code
  • Hit redeem
  • Enjoy your freebie!

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