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FNAF Security Breach release date

The latest title in the hit horror-survival series FNAF has taken the cupcake on PS4, PS5, and PC. But when’s the FNAF Security Breach release date on Switch?

FNAF Security Breach release date; Freddy holding a joy con

We finally have a FNAF Security Breach release date for Switch, after what feels like years of speculation.  So, just head further down the page to find out when you can expect to jump into another frightening experience alongside Freddy Fazbear and his line-up of horror pals.

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When is the FNAF Security Breach release date for Switch?

Nintendo really surprised us with this one. At the end of April 2023’s Nintendo Direct, we found out that FNAF Security Breach would arrive on Nintendo Switch that very day. So, if you’re reading this, the FNAF Security Breach release date has been and gone.

FNAF Security Breach release date; Glamrock animatronics performing

When ScottGames and Steel Wool Studios first announced FNAF Security Breach, we were all super excited to take the role of Gregory, as we finally got to climb into an animatronics’ tumtum by choice instead of against our will. But due to an exclusive deal with Sony, the title only came to PC and PlayStation, and was barred from coming to other platforms for at least three months.

When is the FNAF Ruin release date for Switch?

Currently, we don’t know when FNAF Ruin will make it to our portable screens. The DLC is only out on PC and PS5 at the moment and will likely stay that way for a while, much like the original game. We’ll keep this guide updated as we learn more.

FNAF Ruin sees us take on the role of Cassie, Gregory’s friend, as she searches for him in a now-destroyed Mega Pizzaplex. We get to revisit iconic locations from Security Breach after they’ve become, well, ruined.

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