Fortnite Fishstick guide

The Fortnite Fishstick is an iconic character in Epic Games’ hit battle royale, so get to know them a little better with our handy guide.

Three versions of Fortnite Fishstick, an orange fish humanoid, the two on the sides with one arm raised against its head, the one in the middle frozen with its arms crossed.

The humanoid magikarp that is Fortnite’s Fishstick is a famous part of the battle royale’s ever-growing canon of friendly faces and charming characters. There are countless different people in the game, yet the walking fish made a strong impression on fans of the game.

So, if you’re a Fortnite Fishtick fanatic, we’re here to help you grow closer to the aquatic, craniate (thanks Wikipedia!), gill-bearing, scaly thing. Once you’re all up to speed on the creature’s characteristics, meet some new faces with our Fortnite characters guide, or head to our Fortnite map, Fortnite download, or Fortnite battle pass guides for even more info.

When did Fortnite Fishstick first release?

Fortnite’s Fishstick first appeared as a skin on December 27, 2018, as part of Fortnite chapter one, season seven. You can check out his original appearance below. He returns in Chapter 4, and you can check out the trailer for it below.

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Fortnite Fishtick gallery

Here’s a gallery of all the different incarnations of Fortnite’s Fishstick:

That’s all the Fortnite Fishstick info we’ve got for now. For more, check out our Fortnite llama, Fortnite logo, and Fortnite creative guides.