The Fortnite logo through the years

Epic Games’ hit battle royale has been around for more than a decade, and we’ve seen a bunch of different Fortnite logos throughout the years

Fortnite logo -- a fortnite character against a yellow background. They have a brown puffy coat, one arm outstretched holding a large black magnum pistol, black gloves on both hands, a futuristic gas mask hanging from his neck, and scruffy black hair above his stern, murderous facial expression.

If your favourite thing about the world’s biggest battle royale (this has not been fact-checked but surely it’s correct, right?) is the Fortnite logo, then maybe you’re playing videogames for the wrong reason. Or, maybe you don’t play Fortnite but you just think the logo is neat, which is also fine.

Either way, we’ve put together a brief history of the hit game’s font usage through the years for any intrigued observer, whether you’re a graphic design maven or a game-like who’s glued to the videogame misspelling of the word for a two-week period. We’ve also got a Fortnite battle pass guide and Fortnite leaks for more info if you want it.

Anyway, let’s get typographical.

The Fortnite logo on a black background. It is rusty red, white, grey, and junkyardy in its presentation. It's not completely legible, kinda skew-whiff. There is a crescent moon as the dot on the 'i'.

Fortnite logo 2011

The first Fortnite logo is a scrapyard junkpile Robloxian dumpster-diver cosplaying as a Rage character. Or, at least those are the words that come to mind when I look at it. Of course, a first go is unlikely to be perfect, just like the first version of the game itself. I kinda love it, but it also looks like some AI-made found object art.

The Fortnite logo on a yellow background. It is made up of mock wooden boards nailed together, in black.

Fortnite logo 2012

The 2012 Fortnite Logo update kept much of the original’s aesthetic ideas, but simplified it a lot, making it a plain black and much more legible font. Still, it holds onto the DIY concept, with nailed-together boards moving from the junkyard to a cartoon zombie apocalypse.

The Fortnite logo on a yellow background. It is rounded and plain, clear and legible, in black.

Fortnite logo 2014

Then, in 2014, Epic Games updated the Fortnite logo to the one that would carry it into its megahit years and all the way to the present. The creators had clearly seen the light, ultra-simplifying the logo to be bold, Burbank, and boisterous all at the same time, without looking like it was cobbled together from a dumpster. Unlike the outfits those characters wear, am I right? (Sorry).

Anyway, there you have all the Fortnite logos since its conception. For more, check out our Fortnite characters, Fortnite map, and Fortnite download guides.