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Fortress Saga tier list

Our Fortress Saga tier list is up to date with all the latest heroes, ranking them from best to worst based on community opinion and their performance.

Fortress saga tier list: two characters stood on a balcony looking out across the land

Welcome, traveler, to our Fortress Saga tier list. Below you find which heroes are the very best – though they all fill different roles such as dealer, tank, bruiser, and support, so are valuable in their own way. Plus, everyone’s taste is different, so build your team how you like – but perhaps take these rankings into account before you spend all your resources on the wrong unit.

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Fortress Saga tier list

Here’s our tier list ranking all the heroes in Fortress Saga.

Rank Fortress Saga hero
S Ruingaladh, Elrond, Ravia, Bernhard, Elizabeth, Zelos
A Lilith, Solum, Scarecrow, Hoya, Bjorn, Amberf, Stella, MK-31, Annie, Waldeck, Antiope, Zibril, Winter
B Howling, Loxia, Nox, Bruce, Circe, Osu, Isaac, Ambros, Monica, Gildong, Cynthia, José
C Proto31, Brook, Calvin, Levis, Louis, Victor, Agger
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How do I get more Fortress Saga characters?

There is a gacha system for getting new characters, which is unlocked after progressing through a few stages. You can get some other characters through the story as rewards, too.

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