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Genshin Impact Sandrone

Here is everything that we currently know about Genshin Impact's Sandrone, the seventh of the Fatui Harbingers hailing from Snezhnaya.

Genshin Impact Sandrone and her giant ruin guard

Genshin Impact’s Sandrone, also known as The Marionette, is yet another mysterious member of the Fatui Harbingers, pulling the strings behind the scenes across the seven nations of Teyvat. Little is currently known about her and what she’s like, but let’s take a look at her anyway. What we do know is that she’s involved with the Harbingers, so she must have something serious going on and will likely pack quite a punch when it’s her time to shine.

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Genshin Impact Sandrone next to La Signora's coffin

Who is Genshin Impact’s Sandrone?

The Marionette is the seventh of Genshin Impact’s Fatui Harbingers (though this may change now that Scaramouche is out of the picture), and has a curious appearance.

We see her officially in the Winter Night’s Lazzo interlude trailer alongside her other fellow Fatui, and she appears as a young woman accompanied by a huge automaton. She wears clothes that somewhat resemble Katheryne’s dress, and has a hairstyle very similar to Genshin Impact’s Guizhong with long pieces and a fringe.

At the moment we don’t really know much about Sandrone other than her name, appearance, and rank within the Fatui. However, lore hints towards the fact that she’s obsessed with automatons like the Ruin Guards and Graders left from the fall of Khaenri’ah.

Genshin Impact’s Tartaglia has a voice line about her, where he states that she frequently becomes engrossed in research to do with the Ruin Guards. He also mentions that she looks at him with anger, but neither he nor we know what that is about just yet.

There is speculation around whether Sandrone really is the human, or is in fact the robot that’s with her – or perhaps, neither. We are, of course, led to assume it is the lady, but it is fun to think otherwise. There is also the chance that Sandrone is a separate entity to both, either inside the Ruin Guard or completely absent. Maybe Genshin Impact’s Dottore isn’t the only one capable of having different versions of themself…

Other theories regarding Sandrone involve her appearance being quite similar to Guizhong’s – could she be a reincarnation or a copy? Due to her experimentation with automatons, there’s also some speculation that she’s the one who created the Katheryne copies we see all over Teyvat in the Adventure Guilds. These are just fan theories, though, and have little to no proof or reasoning.

In terms of Sandrone’s namesake in the Commedia Dell’Arte, the character is typically male and has a wife and son that are represented by puppets. Marionette, of course, means puppet, and in Genshin’s case, probably relates to the giant machine seen behind the girl.

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Will Genshin Impact’s Sandrone be playable?

Like Genshin Impact’s Pulcinella, it’s hard to say whether Sandrone will become a playable unit. If she does join the roster, we may see her robot as a part of her elemental burst or as some sort of deployable shield, instead of Hoyoverse creating an entirely new (and very hefty) model for her.

Who are Genshin Impact Sandrone’s voice actors?

The Marionette is voiced by Deneen Melody in English, Hong Haitian in Chinese, and Mariko Honda in the Japanese language version of Genshin Impact.

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