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Genshin Impact wood - pine, sandbearer, and fir

Everything you need to know about farming Genshin Impact wood

A girl standing amongst bamboo shoots

The most exciting new feature to reach Genshin Impact with update 1.5 is definitely the Serenitea Pot. This magical and surprisingly adorable teapot allows you to build a gorgeous house and garden just the way you like it within your own private realm. However, the question on everyone’s lips right now is, how do I obtain materials to furnish my home?

With help from our Genshin Impact wood guide, you will soon know exactly where to obtain birch, pine, cedar, fir, and many more different types of unique wood to help furnish your humble abode. This list is a work in progress, and we will update it soon with precise maps that will make your search even easier.

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How do I obtain Genshin Impact wood?

It’s easy to obtain wood in Genshin Impact. Simply whack at a tree with your sword, claymore, or polearm to collect the spoils. We’re unsure how long wood takes to respawn at the moment, but we will update this section as soon as we know.

A girl standing next to birch trees

Where can I find birch wood?

You can find birch wood in Monstadt and Liyue. Birch trees are easily distinguishable from other trees, as they have white trunks and bright yellow leaves.

A girl standing next to cedar trees

Where can I find cedar wood?

You can only find Cedar wood in Monstadt. It can be tough to tell the difference between a cedar, fir, and pine tree, as they are all green-leafed. However, they are pretty tall. Fragrant cedar wood is found around Starfell Valley. You can find a picture of the tree you need to look for above.

A girl standing near cuihua trees

Where can I find cuihua wood?

Look around Monstadt and Liyue for this fruit-bearing tree. Cuihua trees have thick foliage and a rounded shape. You can find a picture of the tree you need to look for above.

A girl surrounded by fir trees

Where can I find fir wood?

To find fir wood, you can search both Monstadt and Liyue. Unfortunately, it can be hard to distinguish this tree from others in the area, as it has similar thick green foliage to the cedar tree.

Genshin Impact wood - a girl standing next to some pine trees

Where can I find pine wood?

It’s easy to find the pine wood location! Head over to Dragonspine and look out for trees covered in snow. You can find a picture of snow-covered pine trees above.

A girl surrounded by sandbearer trees

Where can I find sandbearer wood?

You can grab sandbearer wood from the trees with gorgeous orange leaves. You can only find Sandbearer trees in Liyue, but they are fairly easy to spot. You can find a picture of the tree you need to look for above.

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