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The best god games on Switch and mobile

Be benevolent or a tyrant with the best god games on Nintendo Switch and mobile. Whatever path you choose, you’re bound to have some fun

Immortals Fenys Rising, Smite, and Hades

Do you have a superiority complex? How about the need to be in control? Or to have the ability to rain down a world of hurt on those that disobey you? If the answer is yes to any of those things, god games are for you. These titles allow you to be an all-powerful individual, with immense power, and have others praise you as the deity that you are.

However, not all god games are a worthy offering, and that’s why we took it upon ourselves to escape from the various stages of hell, take on the responsibility of aiding a civilisation, and enter the battlefield with all manner of deities just to bring you the best god games on Switch and mobile. Now go, guide your people to safety – or don’t. We can’t make you be benevolent.

Or, if you don’t want people to worship you, you could sail the seven seas with our list of the best pirate games. We also have a guide to the best Viking games, just in case you want to pillage and plunder, all while you earn a spot among the champions of Valhalla.

Anyway, it’s time to dive into our picks for the best god games on Switch and mobile.

God games

Zagreus and an angry hydraBuy it here

Hades – Switch

One of the best games of the last decade is the perfect god game, plus it has Dionysis in it, and that god of wine sure knows how to have a good time. Okay, so Hades is a brutal roguelike with a fantastic narrative, satisfying combat, and amazing characters that are sure to please those with an affinity for Greek mythology. You take on the role of Zagreus, the son of Hades and Persephone, and let’s just say he’s had enough of the underworld to last a lifetime (and the rest).

If you want to know more about this phenomenal game, make sure you check out our Hades review. You should also take a look at our games like Hades list if you want some similar games to play.

Some Sims getting married

The Sims – mobile

Think about it, who’s responsible for all the good and bad moments in the life of a Sim? Why, it’s you, and that kind of makes you a god. You have complete control over all of their lives. You decide whether or not they can afford that luxury apartment in the big city, or if they’re doomed forevermore to remain in the dingy house they start in. Then there’s family, relationships and work, you alone are responsible for how successful a sim is in these endeavours.

We’d say try not to let the power go to your head, but we’ve all gone on some power trips in The Sims. If you want some similar titles to play, make sure you check out our picks for the best games like The Sims on Switch and mobile.

An angry looking cyclops with a clubBuy it here

Immortals Fenyx Rising – Switch

This Ubisoft title is a god game through and through. It even has Zeus and Prometheus as narrators – who knew that the Greek gods could be so witty? Immortals Fenyx Rising is an open-world adventure game in which you play as Fenyx – a fully customisable character – and it has seven distinct regions that draw inspiration from a range of Greek gods. It’s a charming world full of perils, and if you enjoy Greek mythology, this is a must-play. Plus, it always feels great to defeat overwhelming odds (and gods) as a mortal underdog. Should you be after more luscious lands to explore, our list of the best open-world games has some breathtaking environments.

Two people stood in a desert

Godus – mobile

You are god. People bow down before you, they worship you, and if this doesn’t cause some sort of superiority complex to emerge, nothing can, and thus we also bow down to you, oh benevolent ruler – not really, we don’t bow to anyone, but kudos for being a good peep. In Godus, you get to create and shape the world, make it your own, for better or worse, and you must nurture humankind. Lead them from the primitive ages into an advanced civilisation. To be honest, this seems like a lot of work. We’d rather be at a party on Olympus or Asgard.

God games Smite

Smite – Switch

This is one of the best MOBAs out there, and it allows you to play as many of your favourite gods from a range of mythologies, including Norse, Celtic, Egyptian, Hindu, Japanese, Chinese, Slavic, Polynesian, and more. The aim of the game in Smite is simple – achieve victory at any cost. However, as a MOBA, it does involve a lot of teamwork, so if you’re a glory hog and want all the credit, you might want to look elsewhere, less your fellow gods strike you down.

There you have it, oh mighty one, the best god games on Switch and mobile. If you want a break from being a god, but still want to be a powerful being, check out our lists of the best anime games and Marvel games here.