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Will we ever see a global Heaven Burns Red release date?

With the colossal success of the JP version, we eagerly anticipate news of a global Heaven Burns Red release date so we can dive into this turn-based mobile RPG

Heaven Burns Red release date - a group of three Heaven Burns Red characters

Since its initial JP release back in 2022, Heaven Burns Red has seen colossal success on Android, iOS, and Steam. This stunning turn-based RPG has turned the heads of gacha fans worldwide (us included), and we’ve been eagerly anticipating news of a global Heaven Burns Red release date ever since. While publishers Wright Flyer Studios and Key have yet to announce any plans to bring a taste of HBR to other regions, we’re still keeping our eyes peeled – but is this all just copium? Let’s take a look.

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Is there a global Heaven Burns Red release date?

As mentioned above, the JP Heaven Burns Red release date was February 10, 2022. Despite that being over a year ago now, we’ve still yet to hear anything about a global Heaven Burns Red release date.

However, the JP version has seen massive success in Japan, and many fans around the world have been begging for a global release. While Wright Flyer Studios and Key haven’t announced any plans for a global release, we think there’s still some hope that it’ll arrive outside of Japan in the future, as there’s certainly a substantial amount of interest.

Heaven Burns Red release date - four Heaven Burns Red characters around a piano

Can I still play Heaven Burns Red in English?

Currently, Heaven Burns Red is only available in Japanese, with no other language support. To get around this, many gacha fans who don’t speak Japanese are playing Heaven Burns Red with a VPN or a JP account and using a screen translator to get through the game.

Unfortunately, the gameplay relies on a lot of dialogue and multiple-choice answers, creating a language barrier that imperfect auto-translators struggle to surpass.

You can check out this Reddit post to find community-led links, including a spreadsheet and a Discord, or head over to the Heaven Burns Red Reddit board to find further support and chat with other global fans of the game. There’s even a community-made story translation index, and a bunch of on-screen translators listed in the Heaven Burns Red questions thread if you’re really itching to try it out yourself.

What is the Heaven Burns Red gameplay like?

According to the Heaven Burns Red wiki, the game is set in an alternate universe where alien lifeforms called ‘Cancer’ are attacking Earth. Pushed to the brink of extinction, humanity creates a weapon known as Seraph, finally allowing them to take on Cancer in an attempt to reclaim their planet.

Humanity then gathers a group of individuals who have mastered the art of manipulating Seraphs, establishing the Seraph Corps as their last hope. Each member of the Seraph Corps has one thing in common – they’re all girls.

Heaven Burns Red has a fully voiced, visual novel-style day-to-day system where you step into the shoes of Ruka Kayamori, the former vocalist and guitarist of the now disbanded ‘She is Legend’, and a newly-enrolled member of the Seraph Corps. You meet new characters as the story progresses, and engage in monthly side story events told from the perspective of the friends you meet along the way.

Heaven Burns Red’s revolves around turn-based battles in which you assemble a team of six girls and fight against the evil extraterrestrials. Both your party members and the Cancer have healable shields called Deflectors (DF). If a character’s DF breaks they’re rendered vulnerable, and cannot heal their HP. During your turn, you choose three characters from your party to perform an action (attack, heal, buff, etc).

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Is there a Heaven Burns Red trailer?

You can check out the official Heaven Burns Red trailer above to get a glimpse of the action. Naturally, all of the dialogue is in Japanese, but you can still get a good idea of what the gameplay is like – including the flashy 3D attack animations and world exploration.

That’s all we know about the global Heaven Burns Red release date. We’re keeping a close eye on this one, so we’ll be sure to update this guide if any new information comes to light. In the meantime, be sure to check out our list of the best games like Genshin Impact, or head over to our Honkai Star Rail release date and Honkai Star Rail tier list for more 3D turn-based RPG fun.