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Higan: Eruthyll tier list

Our Higan: Eruthyll tier list features all of the best fighters and teaches you how to perform a reroll if you don't get the character you want.

Higan: Etheryll tier list - two characters reaching out to each other across a fragmented barrier

Higan: Eruthyll is an engaging, magic-tech style 3D RTS mobile RPG from Chinese publisher giant BiliBili, with no shortage of kickass waifus to team up with. But there’s more to building your team than you think – which is why we’ve put together this Higan: Eruthyll tier list and reroll guide, ranking all the best characters, so you know exactly who to spend all your spare gems on.

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Higan: Eruthyll tier list

Here’s our rankings for all of the Higan: Eruthyll characters at the moment. Rankings are based on overall performance across all content.

Tier Higan: Eruthyll character
S Ceaser, Eluya, Gyldan, Kear, Liv, Media, Moetesju, Screamer, Sirslet
A Armand, Basell, Ciamkom, Fene, Kloar, Rita
B Black, Codier, Eupheria, Follett, Isa, Kueen, Nuno, Rooco
C Alore, Asa, Cella, Eiserne, Hathor, Mireya, Mommel, Ume
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How do I perform a Higan: Eruthyll reroll?

If you don’t get the characters you want to start off with, you can perform a Higan: Eruthyll reroll by following these simple steps – though the easiest way of doing this does require you to start with a guest account, otherwise you need to create a new account each time.

  • Log into Higan: Eruthyll with a guest account
  • Complete the tutorial and claim your rewards
  • Go to the summon page and use all of your currency

If you’re happy with your pulls, feel free to bind your account. If not:

  • Go to the settings tab
  • Head to the ‘User Centre’
  • Hit delete account and confirm
  • Log in using another guest account and repeat the steps above

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