Honkai Star Rail Guinaifen release date speculation, build, and lore

Hoyoverse recently confirmed Honkai Star Rail’s Guinaifen, so here’s what we know about her build, release date speculation, and any lore she features in.

Honkai Star Rail Guinaifen's key art showing her next to lion dance costumes

Roll up, roll up, and see the amazing Honkai Star Rail Guinaifen! This fiery gal is a four-star coming our way in a future update, so let’s look at what we know of her build, light cone, and potential skills in the game.

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Here’s what we know about Honkai Star Rail’s Guinaifen.

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Who is Honkai Star Rail’s Guinaifen?

This spritely young lady makes a living on the Luofu as a street performer, doing amazing stunts like breaking stone slabs, acrobatics, sword-swallowing, and of course fire-breathing.

Though she goes by Guinaifen now, she’s originally named Guinevere, and does not come from the Xianzhou Luofu – in fact, she landed there by accident. Honkai Star Rail’s Sushang, one of her best friends, gave her the name Guinaifen.

Honkai Star Rail Guinaifen release date speculation

As we got Guinaifen’s official drip marketing alongside Honkai Star Rail’s Jingliu and Honkai Star Rail’s Topaz (and Numby), we assume she is to release in the 1.4 update. We’re not sure which half just yet, but Hoyoverse seems to release new four-star units in the second half of the banner, judging by Honkai Star Rail’s Luka and Lynx ahead of Guinaifen’s release.

Honkai Star Rail Guinaifen's light cone design featuring her streaming on a phone

What do we know about Honkai Star Rail Guinaifen’s build?

Hoyoverse has confirmed Guinaifen as a fire user, who follows the Nihility path, meaning she specializes in damage over time. Other than that, there’s no additional official information just yet, so join us in waiting with bated breath.

Like Topaz and Screwllum before her, we do see Guinaifen on the ‘Subscribe for More!’ light cone already in the game. This light cone is on the path of The Hunt, so you can’t (or shouldn’t) use it on Guinaifen, sadly.

Who is Honkai Star Rail Guinaifen’s voice actor?

Guinaifen’s English voice actor is Morgan Lauré, known most recently for work in Diablo IV, Street Fighter 6, and RWBY. In Japanese, her voice comes from Hina Suguta, who features in a lot of BanG Dream! content.

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