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Honkai Star Rail Lynx build

Honkai Star Rail's Lynx is a four-star quantum abundance character. As the youngest Landau. she's got big shoes to fill, so let's see how she sizes up.

Honkai Star Rail Lynx sitting in a chair and smiling

Honkai Star Rail’s Lynx is an adorable four-star healer who can truly turn the tide of battle in your favor. So let’s take a look at her best build, including light cones, relics, team comps, and more.

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Here’s everything in our Honkai Star Rail Lynx build:

What’s the best Honkai Star Rail Lynx build?

Best light cone Night of Fright
Light cone substitutes
  • Time Waits for No One
  • Post-Op Conversation
  • Shared Feeling
Best relic set Messenger Traversing Hackerspace
Best planar ornaments Fleet of the Ageless
Main stats
  • Body: outgoing healing or HP%
  • Feet: speed or HP%
  • Planar sphere: HP%
  • Link rope: energy regen rate or HP%
  • Speed
  • HP%
  • Def%
  • Effect res

Lynx is a four-star quantum user who treads the path of the Abundance, meaning her kit is geared towards healing and supporting her allies. The best light cone for Lynx is the five-star Night of Fright, though Time Waits for No One is a strong alternate, too.

We recommend equipping Lynx with a full set of Messenger Traversing Hackerspace and two pieces of Fleet of the Ageless, allowing her to offer even more buffs to her team. When picking pieces for her, you should prioritize speed and HP% above all, though she also benefits from some defense and a bit of energy regen if you feel like you need her to use her ultimate more frequently.

When leveling up Lynx’s skills, you should prioritize her ultimate first, followed by her skill, then her talent. You can leave her basic attack until last. In terms of major traces, you should prioritize Advance Surveying (A2) first, then Survival in the Extreme (A6), then Exploration Techniques (A4).

How to use Lynx

Lynx is a surprisingly impressive healer, taking some of the best elements from both Natasha and Bailu’s kits and combining them into one. She offers a heal over time through both her skill and ultimate, and her skill can also increase an ally’s max HP by a significant amount. On top of that, she can dispel debuffs from her allies with her ultimate, which is super valuable when fighting some of the debuff-heavy bosses like Stellaron Hunter: Kafka, Phantylia, or Abundant Ebon Deer.

One of the most unique aspects of Lynx’s kit is her ability to boost the potential of your tank or off-tank, while also protecting your DPS. She does this through her skill, which, when used on an ally that aligns with the path of the Destruction or the Preservation, increases their aggro and gives them extra healing. Combined with the aforementioned AoE cleanse of her ultimate and her HP-scaling basic attacks and healing, Lynx makes for an amazing healer and enabler that’s pretty easy to build – especially for a four star.

Additionally, Lynx doesn’t rely heavily on her constellations in order to be a strong unit. So, even if you don’t get lucky, you can still make use of her powerful kit.

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What’s the best Honkai Star Rail Lynx light cone?

The best light cone for Lynx is Night of Fright. In fact, this highly contested five-star light cone is currently the best all-right light cone for most healers, as it offers solid base stats, a hefty healing boost, and is the only Abundance light cone that can directly buff ally attack. However, as it is so highly contested, you may want to reserve it for another healer like Honkai Star Rail’s Huohuo.

The second-best light cone for Lynx is Time Waits for No One, as it gives a solid boost to her healing output and HP, which, in turn, increases the HP share offered by her fourth eidolon, Dusk of Warm Campfire.

Alternatively, Post-Op Conversation is great as its increased energy regeneration allows her to use her ultimate and cleanse her allies more often. Shared Feeling is also a solid option, providing Lynx with a decent healing output buff, while also helping allies with their energy issues.

Light cone Effect How to obtain
Night Of Fright Increases Lynx’s energy regeneration rate by 12%. When an ally uses their ultimate, Lynx restores HP for the ally that currently has the lowest HP percentage by an amount equal to 10% of the healed ally’s max HP. The Lynx provides healing for an ally, she also increases the healed ally’s attack by 2.4%. This effect can stack up to five times and lasts for two turns Gacha
Time Waits for No One Increases Lynx’s max HP by 18% and her outgoing healing by 12%. When she heals allies, record the amount of outgoing healing. When an ally launches an attack, a random attacked enemy takes addition damage equal to 36% of the recorded outgoing healing value. This additional healing is of the same type as the wearer, is not affected by other buffs, and can only occur once per turn Gacha
Post-Op Conversation Increases the Lynx’s energy regeneration rate by 8% and increases her outgoing healing by 12% when she uses her ultimate Gacha
Quid Pro Quo At the start of Lynx’s turn, she regenerates 8 energy for a randomly chosen ally (excluding herself) whose current energy is lower than 50% Gacha
Shared Feeling Increases Lynx’s outgoing healing by 10%. When using skill, regenerates two energy for all allies Gacha

Honkai Star Rail Lynx holding up a giant pill with a sunflower on it on a starburst blue background

What are the best Honkai Star Rail Lynx relics?

The best relic set for Honkai Star Rail’s Lynx is Messenger Traversing Hackerspace, which both increases her own speed and allows her to provide her team with a healthy speed boost on top of her cleansing and healing abilities.

Alternatively, you can mix two pieces of Messenger Traversing Hackerspace with either two pieces of Passerby of Wandering Cloud, which boosts her outgoing healing, or two pieces of Longevous Disciple, which increases her max HP. Both of these are very handy if you’re going for a more healing-focused build.

As for planar ornaments, our top recommendation is Fleet of the Ageless, which both boosts Lynx’s HP and enables her to give her allies an attack buff if her speed reaches a certain point. This synergises well with a full set of Messenger Traversing Hackerspace, and makes her into a powerful, passive-buffing machine.

On the other hand, Broken Keel is also a good choice, especially if you’re pairing her with a DPS that benefits from crit damage. However, you should make sure Lynx has at least 30% effect res in order to take advantage of this set.

Relic Effect Where to obtain
Messenger Traversing Hackerspace Two equipped: increases speed by 6%
Four equipped: when the wearer uses their ultimate on an ally, speed for all allies increases by 12% for one turn. This effect can’t stack
Cavern of Corrosion: Path of Elixir Seekers in The Xianzhou Luofu’s Alchemy Commission
Passerby of Wandering Cloud Two equipped: increases outgoing healing by 10% Cavern of Corrosion: Path of Drifting in Jarilo-VI’s Corridor of Fading Echoes
Longevous Disciple Two equipped: increases max HP by 12% Cavern of Corrosion: Path of Elixir Seekers in The Xianzhou Luofu’s Alchemy Commission

Planar ornaments

Relic Effect Where to obtain
Fleet of the Ageless Two equipped: increases the wearer’s max HP by 12%. When the wearer’s speed reaches 120 or higher, all allies’ attack increases by 8% World 3 of the Simulated Universe
Broken Keel Two equipped: increases the wearer’s effect resistance. When the wearer’s effect resistance is equal to or greater than a certain percentage, all allies’ crit damage increases World 7 of the Simulated Universe

Relic stat recommendations

When choosing relics for Lynx, we recommend focusing on the following stats.

Main stats: 

  • Feet: speed/HP%
  • Body: outgoing healing
  • Planar sphere: HP%
  • Link Rope: energy regen/HP%


  • Speed
  • HP%
  • Def%
  • Effect res

What are the best Lynx team comps?

Due to her flexible kit and ability to both heal and buff her allies, Lynx can slot into just about any team in the healer role.

However, if you’re looking for specifics, here are some characters that synergise well with Lynx:

  • Honkai Star Rail’s Blade – Blade also scales of max HP, so Lynx’s max HP boost can increase his damage. She also increases the chance that enemies will hit Blade, which helps him gather stacks quicker, increasing his damage output even further
  • Honkai Star Rail’s Clara – again, Lynx is capable of increasing Clara’s chances of getting hit, which means she can counter attack with Svarog more frequently. Additionally, Lynx’s max HP buff helps with Clara’s survivability throughout the counter attacks

And here are some examples of popular Lynx team comps (based on common teams used in Memory of Chaos)

Character slot 1 Character slot 2 Character slot 3 Character slot 4
Seele iconSeele Silver Wolf iconSilver Wolf Lynx iconLynx Fu Xuan iconFu Xuan
Jingliu Honkai Star Rail Bronya iconBronya Honkai Star Rail Pela iconPela Lynx iconLynx
Blade Honkai Star Rail Bronya iconBronya Honkai Star Rail Pela iconPela Lynx iconLynx
Honkai Star Rail Clara iconClara Honkai Star Rail Pela iconPela Honkai Star Rail Tingyun iconTingyun Lynx iconLynx

What are Honkai Star Rail Lynx’s abilities?

Active skills:

Skill Effect
Basic attack: Ice Crampon Technique Deal quantum damage equal to 25% of Lynx’s max HP to a single enemy
Skill: Salted Camping Cans Lynx applies ‘Survival Response’ to a single target ally and increases their health by 5% of Lynx’s max HP plus 50. If the target ally is a character on the path of Destruction or Preservation, the chance of an enemy attacking them greatly increases. ‘Survival Response’ lasts for two turns, and increases the target’s health by 8% of Lynx’s max HP plus 80
UltimateSnowfield First Aid Lynx dispels one debuff from all allies and immediately restores their respective HP by an amount equal to 9% of Lynx’s max HP plus 90

Passive skill:

Skill Effect
Talent: Outdoor Survival Experience When you use Lynx’s skill or ultimate, it also applies additional healing to the target ally for two turns, restoring the target ally’s HP by an amount equal to 2.4% of Lynx’s max HP plus 24 at the start of their turn. If the target has ‘Survival Response’, the continuous healing effect additionally restores HP by an amount equal to 3% of Lynx’s max HP plus 30


Technique Effect
Chocolate Energy Bar After Lynx uses her technique, at the start of the next battle, all allies receive Outdoor Survival Experience’s healing effect for two turns

What are Honkai Star Rail Lynx’s eidolons?

If you manage to pull more than one copy of Lynx, you can unlock the next level of her eidolons. Eidolons are special buffs that can dramatically increase the character’s potential.

In Lynx’s case, she doesn’t actually need eidolons in order to be a strong healer. However, both E2 and E6 do enhance her kit nicely, and, as she’s only a four-star, you should manage to build her up over time.

Eidolon Effect
E1: Morning of Snow Hike When healing allies with HP equal to or lower than 50%, Lynx’s outgoing healing increases by 20%. This effect also works on continuous healing
E2: Noon of Portable Furnace A target with ‘Survival Response’ can resist debuff application for one time
E3: Afternoon of Avalanche Increases the level of Lynx’s skill by two, up to a maximum of level 15, and her basic attack by one, up to a maximum of level ten
E4: Dusk of Warm Campfire When ‘Survival Response’ is granted, the target’s attack increases by an 3% of Lynx’s max HP for one turn
E5: Night of Aurora Tea Increases the level of Lynx’s ultimate and talent by two, up to a maximum of level 15
E6: Dawn of Explorer’s Chart Additionally boosts the max HP increasing effect of ‘Survival Response’ by 6% of Lynx’s max HP and increases effect res by 30%

What are Honkai Star Rail Lynx’s ascension materials?

You can level Lynx all the way up to 80 but, in addition to the EXP logs, you also need a set of materials to ascend her at certain intervals.

Here are all of the materials you need to fully ascend Lynx:

Required level Credits Ascension materials
20 3.2k Five extinguished cores
30 6.4k Ten extinguished cores
40 12.8k Six glimmering cores and three nail of the ape
50 32k Nine glimmering cores and seven nail of the ape
60 64k Six squirming cores and 20 nail of the ape
70 128k Nine squirming cores and 35 nail of the ape

Here’s where to get all of Lynx’s ascension materials:

  • Extinguished, glimmering, and squirming cores – fragmentum monsters such as flame/frost/wind/thunderspawns on either Jarilo-VI or in the Honkai Star Rail simulated universe, from assignment rewards, or the embers exchange store
  • Nail of the ape – drops from the Shape of Abomination: Stagnant Shadow in the Xianzhou Luofu’s Scalegorge Waterscape

What are Lynx’s trace materials?

You can individually upgrade Lynx’s attacks and other talents via her traces. Here are all of Lynx’s trace materials:

  • 41 extinguished cores, 56 glimmering cores, and 58 squirming cores
  • 15 seed of abundance, 72 sprout of life, and 139 flower of eternity
    • Rewards from the crimson Calyx: Bud of Abundance, purchasable from the embers exchange, or crafted through the omni-syntheziser
  • 12 regret of infinite ochema – rewards from the Echo of War: Divine Seed
  • 11 tracks of destiny
  • Three million credits

That’s all we’ve got on Honkai Star Rail’s Lynx for now, but we’ll be sure to update this guide and turn it into a full-on build as soon as we get more info. In the meantime, why not pay a visit to Teyvat with our Genshin Impact tier list, Genshin Impact codes, Genshin Impact banner, and Genshin Impact events guide?