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Honkai Star Rail memory bubbles

The Honkai Star Rail memory bubbles are just one odd thing about the space station, so here’s what they’re for and how to use them.

Honkai Star Rail memory bubbles: Welt standing next to a memory bubble in the space station

The galaxy is vast beyond compare and it’s filled with new stories and things to discover – like the Honkai Star Rail memory bubbles found dotted around the space station. Just what are these odd blue bubbles and what can we do with them? Read on to find out.

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What are Honkai Star Rail memory bubbles?

Memory bubbles are floating, wiggly, blue orbs that appear on board the Herta Space Station. You can’t interact with them until you gain the ability to do so from Herta herself, but once you have this, you get a nice little story and then some credits after touching each bubble.

Welt talking to Herta about Honkai Star Rail memory bubbles in the space station

How do I unlock Honkai Star Rail memory bubbles?

Before you can grab all the bubbles, speak to Herta on floor 2 of the supply zone. She’s at the end of a walkway, facing a wall, just down from a space anchor. Here’s our handy Honkai Star Rail map marking her location:

Honkai Star Rail memory bubbles: A map pinpointing a location to find Herta in the Space Station

However – make sure you interact with a bubble first before speaking to Herta, or the correct conversation won’t trigger. Then, speak with Herta and ask about the bubbles. She asks you to sign an NDA as this is serious business, and after some chatter, you can go on your way to interact with the bubbles. Conveniently there’s one just along the path from where Herta is.

Where do I find Honkai Star Rail memory bubbles?

Now that you’re allowed to go and collect all the bubbles (and the credits they give you) – head off to explore the Herta Space Station. There are only 20 to find, and they’re split evenly across all four map areas of the station.

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