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The best Honkai Star Rail maps

Find the best Honkai Star Rail maps so that you can traverse the world with ease while collecting treasure and taking down enemies on the way.

Honkai Star Rail map - A picture of Jarilo VI from a distance

Hoyoverse’s newest adventure takes you on a trailblazing trip across the cosmos, visiting all sorts of weird and wonderful places along the way. As we explore more locations on the Honkai Star Rail map it can get hard to keep track of what’s happening where, so we’re here to help you get to grips with all of the Astral Express’ key stops.

We’ve got plenty of guides for you to get stuck into including a Honkai Star Rail codes guide and Honkai Star Rail tier list, as well as character builds for Honkai Star Rail’s Bronya, Honkai Star Rails Jing Yuan, and Honkai Star Rail’s Clara. We’ve even got guides to the Honkai Star Rail light cones and Honkai Star Rail relics.

The best Honkai Star Rail maps

As a space-faring RPG, Honkai Star Rail’s map sprawls across various planets, space stations, and ships. Most of the time, you can’t just walk from A to B like the Genshin Impact map, so it can be hard to keep track of all the places you can visit.

So, here are our recommendations for the best Honkai Star Rail maps.

A Honkai Star Rail map that shows the space station with some doorways

Honkai Star Rail Interactive Map

The Honkai Star Rail Interactive Map has maps for every area in the game so far. You can choose to highlight treasure chest locations, puzzles, space anchors, and much more, or minimize them to see just the map.

Check it out right here.

AppSample Honkai Star Rail map

This map features all the things you’d expect from an interactive map but does feel a little more clunky. Currently, there are a few puzzles and such missing, but we hope to see them filled out soon!

Find it here.

Honkai Star Rail map - a map showing the Xianzhou Luofu with different landmarks marked

HoYoLAB map

This is the official map from Hoyoverse and shows everything you could possibly need. Mark special stores, readable items, treasure chests, and more to make your journey that much easier.

Click here to check it out.

That’s everything you need to know about the Honkai Star Rail map. Bookmark this page so you can keep on top of new areas when they are added. If you want to keep exploring the cosmos, head over to our Honkai Star Rail characters and Honkai Star Rail tier list guides.