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Honkai Star Rail stagnant shadows

Our Honkai Star Rail stagnant shadows guide dives into these unique challenges, the character ascension materials they drop, their weaknesses, and more.

The Cocolia boss from the Honkai Star Rail stagnant shadow in Jarilo-VI's corridor of echoes

There are many different challenges to take on during your starfaring adventure, including the Honkai Star Rail stagnant shadows. These tough trials play a super important role in upgrading your team as they offer important character ascension materials. So let’s take a look at how to unlock them, what items each one drops, and their weaknesses.

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What are Honkai Star Rail stagnant shadows?

Stagnant shadows are combat challenges that you can complete using trailblaze power in exchange for credits, experience, and ascension materials.

Each stagnant shadow features different types of enemies with their own elemental weaknesses and strengths, and come in multiple difficulty levels capped by your trailblaze level. The higher difficulties offer more rewards.

Like calyxes and echoes of war, you can see a list of all the available stagnant shadows and their rewards in your survival index. After you’ve approached them for the first time, you can also teleport directly to their location from the survival index, too.

You can use the autobattle and double speed buttons when you fight stagnant shadows if you want to clear them out quicker, just make sure that your team is up to the challenge before leaving them to it, as these can be quite a challenge for underleveled characters.

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How do I unlock Honkai Star Rail stagnant shadows?

You unlock Honkai Star Rail stagnant shadows once you reach trailblazer rank 30 and complete the Trial of Equilibrium: Part 2 to raise your equilibrium level to three. To find out more about this system, check out our Honkai Star Rail equilibrium guide.

All Honkai Star Rail stagnant shadows

Here are all the Honkai Star Rail stagnant shadows that we currently know of, along with the ascension material they drop and what elements they’re weak to.

HSR stagnant shadow Ascension material drop Weakness Location
Shape of Blaze Endotherm chitin Ice, physical, wind Jarilo-VI – Silvermane Guard Restricted Zone
Shape of Doom Shape shifter’s lightning staff Ice, imaginary, wind Xianzhou Luofu – Stargazer Navalia
Shape of Fulmination Lightning crown of the past shadow Physical, quantum Jarilo-VI – Corridor of Fading Echoes
Shape of Gust Storm eye Fire, ice Jarilo-VI – Rivet Town
Shape of Icicle Gelid chitin Fire, lightning, quantum Xianzou Luofu – Cloudford
Shape of Mirage Golden crown of the past shadow Fire, lightning, wind Jarilo-VI – Backwater Pass
Shape of Quanta Void cast iron Lightning, physical, wind Herta Space Station – Base Zone
Shape of Rime Horn of snow Fire, lightning, wind Jarilo-VI – Corridor of Fading Exhoes
Shape of Spike Broken teeth of iron wolf Ice, imaginary, lightning Jarilo-VI – Great Mine
Shape of Celestial Ascendant debris Ice, lightning, physical Xianzhou Luofu – Alchemy Commission
Shape of Puppetry Suppressing edict Imaginary, lightning, wind, physical, quantum Xianzhou Luofu – exact location TBC
Shape of Abomination Nail of the ape Fire, ice, wind Xianzhou Luofu – exact location TBC

And that’s everything you need to know about Honkai Star Rail’s stagnant shadows, so go out there and show ‘em what you’ve got. If you fancy taking on a different type of challenge, check out our Genshin Impact events guide, and keep an eye on our Genshin Impact tier list and Genshin Impact codes guides so you can make sure you’re up to snuff.