How to cancel Disney Plus

If you don’t want Disney to make a man out of you, our how to delete Disney Plus guide can help you to save for the bare necessities

The Disney Plus logo behind a no entry symbol on a yellow background

If you don’t want this subscription service to be part of your world anymore, our how to cancel Disney Plus guide can help you to heigh-ho your way out of there. Then perhaps you can let it go and feel the love tonight with Netflix or Hulu instead.

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Anyway, here’s how to cancel Disney Plus.

How do I cancel Disney Plus?

If you want to cancel Disney Plus, you need to:

  • Launch Disney Plus
  • Log in
  • Select your profile
  • Go to account
  • Tap Disney Plus subscription
  • Tap cancel subscription
  • Hit cancel subscription again

There you have it, how to cancel Disney Plus. If you need something else to fill the void, perhaps our Spotify download and YouTube Music download guides can help.