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Kaiju Universe codes

While there aren’t any Kaiju Universe codes, you can still get freebies to make the most of this PvP sandbox experience from Roblox developer Prometeo Games.

Kaiju Universe codes - screenshot from the game showing a kauju, a large beast that's sort of humanoid, but mostly dragon-like, green and white, with glowing red eyes, standing on a grassy green verge by a hill.

It’s no surprise that it inspires people – giant monsters fighting and hanging out is cool. Godzilla is cool. What’s even cooler is actually getting to be one of the monsters, so while there aren’t any active Kaiju Universe codes to help, there’s a way to unlock a monster to live out your Kaiju fantasy in the virtual world.

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Kaiju Universe codes

There are currently no active Kaiju Universe codes. You can, however, unlock Megalon for free by joining the developer Prometeo Games’ Roblox group.

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How do I redeem Kaiju Universe codes?

Redeeming Kaiju Universe codes is easy, just follow these steps:

  • Boot up Kaiju Universe in Roblox
  • Head to settings
  • Scroll to the bottom
  • Type in the box next to ‘redeem codes’
  • Hit enter
  • Enjoy the freebies!

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