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Legend of Almia tier list and reroll guide

Use our Legend of Almia tier list to build the perfect team, and get ready to set out on a grand fantasy adventure with the hit mobile idle RPG.

Legend of Almia tier list: several female fantasy characters all appear in a row

Look, we don’t all have time or the attention span for demanding games. As much as I wish I could play Elden Ring all the time, sometimes an idle mobile game is a perfect way to pass the time. So if you’re diving into the fun fantasy mobile RPG Legend of Almia, and need a helping hand to get your team up to scratch, we’ve got the only Legend of Almia tier list you need.

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Let’s get on with our Legend of Almia tier list.

Legend of Almia tier list

At the time of writing, Legend of Almia is still quite a new mobile game, so please allow us some time to shuffle our rankings. We are placing the characters in tiers based on our current time with the title, but are likely going to change our rankings as we spend more time playing with each party member.

Tier Characters
S God of Life, Dolores, Mulan, Regulus, Nu Wa, Raziei, Jormungand, Khaos
A Gaia, Miss Lee, Guan Yu, Yuan, Lily, Christline, Izayoi, Ganoderna, Inanna, Vivian, Eleanor, Lillian, Cesare
B Stheno, Shun, Barial, Thor, Victoria, Abaddon, Lamia, Nephthys, Persephone, Tao, Boya, Koizumi Maru, Manjusaka, Wukongg
C Mikhail, Persephone, Ne Zha, Sif, Abraham, Koizumi Niashi, Ramses, Arkana, Kuchiki, Abdul, Boya, Ugarte, Luthien, Rania, Ansei, Eros, Wan’er
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Legend of Almia reroll guide

It is very simple to perform a Legend of Almia reroll, just follow these instructions:

  • Download and open Legend of Almia
  • Complete the tutorial to unlock character summons
  • Claim all the sign-up rewards
  • Use the in-game currency to summon characters
  • If you don’t get who you want, log out and uninstall the game, and then start again

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