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How to change Love and Deepspace hair color and style

Wondering how to change your Love and Deepspace hair? We're here to help, including instructions on how to unlock and use the photo studio.

Thre pictures from the photo studio showing the player with three different Love and Deepspace hair colors and styles

If you’re wondering how to change your Love and Deepspace hair color and style, we’re here to help – because, let’s face it, if there’s one thing we love just as much as swooning over different husbandos, it’s changing our hair. Plus, we gotta look good for our handsome LI’s, right?

Once you’ve acquired your new look, be sure to check out our Love and Deepspace characters guide to work out who to woo. We’ve also got a list of all the new Love and Deepspace codes if you’re looking for some extra freebies.

Now, hop in the salon chair, as we teach you how to change your Love and Deepspace hair.

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How do I change my Love and Deepspace hair?

When you start your journey in Love and Deepspace, the first thing you do is choose your look, including your avatar’s skin color, facial features, and the shape of your fringe and bangs. And don’t worry if you decide you want to change any of these features later – you can actually change your Love and Deepspace avatar’s appearance at any point by following these steps:

  • While in your room, tap on your name and level (top-left of the screen) to open your profile
  • Below your character’s icon and level, tap the button that looks like the outline of a head/hair (next to the ‘my voice’ button)
  • Tweak your skin, face, basic hairstyle, and features to your liking
  • Hit apply

However, keep in mind that applying changes to your appearance costs one Evol Appearance Reset voucher. You get one of these vouchers for free when you start the game, but, after that, you need to buy more. You can purchase Evol Appearance Reset vouchers from the item shop for 300 diamonds.

Additionally, at this point, the customization options are pretty limited, and, most notably, you can’t change your hair color or length.

If you want to change your hair any further, you can only do so in the photo studio – this allows you to adjust both the color and style of your avatar’s hair, as well as other features such as your clothing, accessories, poses, backgrounds, and more, as you take cute pictures of you and your love interest. However, you can’t change your Love and Deepspace avatar’s hair color and length in the main story outside of the basic fringe/bangs customization.

I know, I know, it’s kinda disappointing. But, as with many of the best otome games, there is a valid reason. Throughout the game, there are several card illustrations and pieces of art that show the back of the main character’s – i.e. your avatar’s – head, meaning, for continuity and clarity’s sake, your character’s gotta stick to the uniform long, dark, and pretty haircut. But hey, at least we get to play around with some cute customization options in the photo studio and snap some adorable pics with our handsome LI’s, right?

Of course, if any future updates allow us to customize our avatars further, we’ll be sure to update this guide. But, for now, you’ll find us in the photobooth with Rafayel and our pastel pink hair, thank you.

Love and Deepspace hair - pictures showing the process of changing your hair in the photo studio

How to unlock the Love and Deepspace photo studio

So, how do you unlock the Love and Deepspace photo studio? Well, lucky for you, all it takes is a bit of patience. The photo studio feature unlocks automatically after you complete your first in-game day, following your phone call with Caleb (the end of Chapter 1).

Once unlocked, you can open the photo studio by following these steps:

  • Go to your in-game room
  • Tap the ‘Date’ button at the bottom-left of the screen
  • Tap ‘Photo Studio’
  • Select who you want to meet (Xavier, Zayne, or Rafayel)
  • Enjoy taking cute snapshots with your husbando!

The first time you try out the Photo Studio, the game guides you through the process and options. Beyond that, it’s up to you to explore – you can take solo pictures of yourself, your partner, or the two of you together, and you’re free to experiment with the different customization options as you wish.

If you want to change your character’s hair color in the photo studio, simply:

  • Select your background and photo format
  • Hit next
  • When your avatar is present in the shot, tap on the ‘style me’ button (marked by a red coat hanger icon)

Here, you can go to the ‘hair’ tab and pick from a variety of hair colors and styles, or browse through the different outfit, accessory, and makeup options. You can also unlock more backgrounds and other features in the photo studio as you progress through the game and build your relationships with the boys.

That’s all we’ve got on Love and Deepspace hair. For more romance, be sure to check out our list of the best dating games or our guide to all the Obey Me characters. Or, if you’re more into deepspace than love, head over to our list of the best space games or the best Star Wars games.