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Mighty Omega codes

Our Roblox Mighty Omega codes guide lists all the available codes for the anime game, so you can use them all and reap the rewards.

Mighty Omega codes: artwork of the game featuring two muscled characters

You’re in the right place to snag all the new Mighty Omega codes to use in the Roblox game. Note that this is a premium game and costs 100 Robux, but once you pay it, you can access it any time. Mighty Omega takes inspiration from the anime Kengan Ashura, along with Berserk and Street Fighter, so you know you’re in for a good time.

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Here are all the latest Mighty Omega redeem codes:

Active Codes:

  • aprilfools2024 – 1000 clan rerolls (new!)
  • yolove03112024 – 3000 MC, seven face rerolls, seven face marking rerolls, and seven aura colour rerolls
  • update0224 – 2k MC, a primary style switch, and a skill reset
  • WJHCOm7 – 1500 MC and 5 clan rerolls
  • delay0224 – 1500 MC and 5 clan rerolls
  • valentine2024 – 1402 MC, five face rerolls, ten face marking rerolls and 10 Eye colour rerolls
  • lny2024 – two clan rerolls and 3000 MC
  • yolove01242024 – 1.5k MC, a skill reset, and two clan rerolls
  • update011024 – 1.5k MC and five clan rerolls
  • WinterCode5 – 1k MC and 3k cookies
  • happyhol1d@ys – 1.5k MC, 4k cookies, and ten clan rerolls
  • WinterCode4 – 1k MC and 3k cookies
  • NOOBPROTECTION – one day of protection
  • ZODDEVENT – free behelit
  • Mighty – 1k MC and three clan rerolls
  • Zoddevent2 – 1.5k MC and six behelit notifiers
  • SFSOON – 1.5k MC, primary style switch, three face rerolls, and five eye color rerolls
  • SFSOON2 – 1.5k MC, skill reset, nine face marking rerolls, and nine hair color rerolls

How to redeem Mighty Omega codes in the Roblox game, inside the book store

How do I use Mighty Omega codes?

Finding where to redeem codes can be tricky, so we’re here to help.

  • Open up Mighty Omega in Roblox
  • Locate the bookstore near the police station in the city
  • Head inside and speak to the person wearing black at the back of the store
  • Click on him, then click ‘I want to redeem codes’
  • Paste or type in these codes one at a time and hit redeem

You should now have plenty of money and cookies to use in the game.

What are Mighty Omega codes?

These handy codes are unique phrases that you can redeem in the game to get cookies, game-specific cash called MC, and more. More codes release as new seasons and updates come to the game, and to celebrate events within Mighty Omega.

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