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How to complete the Monopoly Go Wildlife Tales event

Our guide to the Monopoly Go Wildlife Tales event lists all the rewards for completing sets and the full album, with some tips and tricks for doing just that.

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If you’re trying to complete the Monopoly Go Wildlife Tales event, you’re in the right place. Our guide to filling out the Wildlife Tales sticker album has all the tips and tricks you need to finish the collection in style, earning you some useful rewards for doing so. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to take the Monopoly Man on a lucrative safari adventure.

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What is the Monopoly Go Wildlife Tales event?

The Monopoly Go Wildlife Tales event tasks you with completing a full sticker album to earn 15k dice, 30 million money, and a fancy lion board token. It’s not an easy thing to polish off, though, with 189 stickers to collect for a full album. Still, the game splits those 189 stickers between 21 different sets that make up the full collection, each with its own rewards. You can check out the individual sets and the rewards for completion below.

Monopoly Go Wildlife Tales sticker set Reward for completion
Midsummer Meadows 275 dice and 220k money
Marvelous Marshes 300 dice and 240k money
Beautiful Bayou 325 dice and 260k money
Gilded Mountains 350 dice and 300k money
Thimble Farms 375 dice and 320k money
Birds of Paradise 425 dice and 360k money
Coral Corral 475 dice and 400k money
Searing Sands 525 dice and 440k money
Petal Promenade 575 dice and 480k money
Fabled Forest 625 dice and 520k money
70 Million BC 675 dice and 580k money
Rachel’s Reptiles 775 dice and 660k money
Puppy Party 875 dice, 740k money, and a dolphin game token
Cat Cafe 975 dice and 820k money
Australian Outback 1,100 dice and 920k money
On Safari 1,400 dice and 1.14 million money
Bamboo Forest 1,600 dice and 1.34 million money
Icy Abodes 1,900 dice and 1.56 million money
Iberian Lands 2,100 dice and 1.78 million money
Crossing Waters 2,600 dice and 2.2 million money
Down By The Docks 3,500 dice and 2.92 million money

If you add all that together, that means the Monopoly Go Wildlife is worth over 10k dice and ten million in Monopoly money for full completion. The value of that is equivalent to over $200 of in-game purchases, so if you want to keep your wallet in your pocket while still playing, the Wildlife Tales sticker album is a great way of gathering some in-game resources.

How do I complete the Monopoly Go Wildlife Tales sticker album?

To complete the Monopoly Go Wildlife Tales sticker album, you’re going to need some stickers. There are plenty of ways of picking up stickers, including daily activities, regular in-game events, and finishing in the top three in tournaments. Be sure to keep an eye on our Monopoly Go hub page for the latest in-game events to see if you can pick up any bonus stickers.

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Of course, you can also trade stickers with friends to help get you over the line. If you don’t know anyone who plays the game, it’s worth checking out the official Monopoly Go Facebook group for others looking to make a trade. There is also the in-game sticker exchange in the sticker album menu, but this requires other in-game resources, so looking for a swap is always the first port of call.

There you have it, our guide to the ongoing Monopoly Go Wildlife Tales event. For more adorable animals, see our picks for the best dog games, cat games, and horse games.