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Monster Never Cry tier list July 2024

Check out our Monster Never Cry tier list to see which demons are the best for you to take into battle and build up as you progress.

Monster Never Cry tier list - a character wearing a helmet on a purple background

Being a demon lord is hard work sometimes, especially when you have to work out which demons to build to do your bidding. That’s where our Monster Never Cry tier list can help as we’ve ranked all the available characters from S tier down to D, giving you some guidance on which to prioritize.

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Monster Never Cry tier list

Here are all the characters in Monster Never Cry ranked from S tier down to D, showing who you’re better putting time into and who may not be worth focusing on as you progress through the game.

Rank Monster Never Cry characters
S Avanzo, Dracula, Lilith, Octasia, Pariaphus, Vespa, Zenobia
A Dullahan, Medusa, Shipshark, Sylph, SynderHelden, Undine, Venus
B Adlington, Kukulkan, Mischa, Nafitha, Oul, Reddy, Roosterai, Sarcophagurl, Sadora
C Arachne, Barend, Coronis, Frogashi, Gurnius, Haborym
Horace, Ivy, Jarm, Knightomaton, Loki, Mimir, Oz, Siren
D Abagoen, Bafomek, Daisy, Gargantelle, Guardian I, Ina, Klein, Kura, Pania, Pururu, Rabby, Yuno
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How do I get more Monster Never Cry characters?

Monster Never Cry has a gacha mechanic for you to get new characters from, with higher rarity characters guaranteed in every ten pulls. You can also get a Lucky Gacha pull for free once you save up 1,000 points – you get 20 points per pull.

Your new characters come in little eggs, and you can get some during the story as well as through the gacha. Early on in the game you get Pururu, Oz, and Rabby to work with.

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