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Multiverse Defenders tier list

Our Multiverse Defenders tier list is here to help you build the best team full of the strongest units in this exciting Roblox anime game.

Multiverse Defenders tier list - Goko stnading in front of Leaf Village

In this Multiverse Defenders tier list, we rank every unit from best to worst based on their stats and overall performance. We also teach you how to get more characters and gems, where to find the Multiverse Defenders Trello, and other handy tips.

Of course, to start gathering those units, you need some in-game currencies, which is where our Multiverse Defenders codes come in. We’ve got plenty of other Roblox game codes up for grabs, too, including our Grand Kaizen codes, Anime Revolution codes, and Mini Cities 2 codes.

Here’s everything in our Multiverse Defenders tier list.

Overall Multiverse Defenders tier list

Here’s how all the units currently rank in our MD tier list.

Tier Multiverse Defenders unit
S All Night, Bochi, Crocs, Flamingo, Levyn, Mabu, Megu, Sabon, Shonks
A Akainun, Elen, Endeavour, Erwin, Kizarun, Paon, Toki
B Bulmi, Friezo, Garan, Lao
C Hinato, Kakashy, Peach Blossom, Vegetan
D Goko, Ichigon, Janji, Luffo (Straw Hat), Noroto, Sasuken, Tanjiron, Zoron

Multiverse Defenders mythical tier list

Here’s how all of the mythical/secret characters currently rank against each other. These are generally limited characters that are only available for a short period of time, through things like limited banners and events, the raid shop, and leaderboard rewards.

Tier Multiverse Defenders unit
S Bocchi, Flamingo, Megu, Sabon, Shonks
A Crocs, Mabu
B Akainun, Levyn
C Toki
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How do I get more Multiverse Defenders characters?

The main way to get more Multiverse Defenders characters is by summoning them. You need 50 gems to summon one unit, or 500 gems to summon ten units. With each banner, there are six units available to summon. Units come in a variety of rarities, which determines their drop rate. Here are all the rarities and their drop rates:

  • Common – 32.5% drop rate
  • Rare – 20% drop rate
  • Epic – 10% drop rate
  • Legendary – 4.5% drop rate
  • Mythical – 0.5% drop rate

As we mentioned earlier, there are other ways to get more units, such as taking part in events or purchasing them from the raid shop, but you get most of your units from summoning, so you’d better get to gathering those gems!

How do I get more gems in Multiverse Defenders?

You can get gems from story acts and the AFK machine. Normal mode story acts give you 60 gems for your first clear, and hard mode story acts give you 80 gems for your first clear. If you repeat an act after completing it for the first time, you earn 20 gems. On the other hand, the AFK machine gives you one gem per minute, or two gems per minute if you’re a premium user.

Is there a Multiverse Defenders Trello?

There is! You can head to the Multiverse Defenders Trello to find out all the latest on the game’s units, events, and more, as well as learn about the game’s mechanics, maps, and currencies. You can also check out the developer’s YouTube channel or join the official Multiverse Defenders Discord to keep up to date on all the latest news.

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