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The best Roblox clicker games 2024

Our list of the best Roblox clicker games has all you need to keep your clicking finger busy for hours and hours at a time, plus links to in-game freebies.

Screenshot of the key art for Backrooms Race Clicker with a Robloxian running from an evil face

If you just can’t get enough of the action in Roblox clicker games, we’re here to point you in the direction of some of our favorites. This sub-genre is one of the most popular on the platform, and with our guide, you never have to go searching for some chaotic clicking again. So, let’s get into this list.

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Now, let’s get tap into our list of the best Roblox clicker games.

Key art for Race Clicker on Roblox with two characters running for Roblox clicker guide

Race Clicker

As the most popular Roblox clicker game on our list, you might have already tried Race Clicker, but if not, it’s certainly worth a go. With plenty of races to take part in, a leaderboard to try and earn a spot on, and a speed increase for every event you win, there’s no dull moment in Race Clicker. Better still, with our Race Clicker codes, you can get some in-game goodies.

Screenshot of an Naruto character in Anime Racing Clicker for Roblox clicker guide

Anime Race Clicker

What’s better than a regular clicker game? One full of your favorite anime characters, that’s what. Anime Race Clicker has all the action of a regular race clicker with heroes from Naruto, Black Clover, Dragon Ball, and more joining the running pack.

There are even special races, set in the worlds of some of those anime series. To get up to speed quickly, check out our Anime Race Clicker codes.

Racing down a corridor in Backrooms Race Clicker for Roblox clicker guide

Backrooms Race Clicker

While the backrooms might look haunting to some, Backrooms Race Clicker makes it a bit easier to handle as you fly through the liminal space with ease. To make things more interesting, though, you’re constantly chased by a weird Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson in Shrek form – I’m not going to explain anymore, words don’t do it justice. You need to see it to believe it. If you do fancy giving this one a go, get a head start with our Backrooms Race Clicker codes.

Key art for Bubble Gum Clicker with someone floating off for Roblox clicker guide

Bubble Gum Clicker

Bubble Gum clicker combines ideas from Roblox clicker games and pet experiences like Adopt Me for something a little different from the clicking norm. Rather than a running race, Bubble Gum Clicker requires you to tap as quickly as possible to expand your bubble gum balloon, while you pick up speed as it grows in size.

Grow your bubble fast enough and you could end up in space! There’s help on hand, too, with our Bubble Gum Clicker codes.

Key art for Mining Clicker Simulator with multiple characters for Roblox clicker guide

Mining Clicker Simulator

Here’s another Roblox clicker hybrid, combining clicker mechanics with mining for a unique experience. As you might expect, the race here is going downwards instead of straight ahead, with Mining Clicker Simulator putting you up against fellow players to see who can dig deepest the quickest.

If you need help putting together a pickaxe capable of the job, check out our Mining Clicker Simulator codes for a few complimentary freebies.

Screenshot of someone skydiving in Roblox Skydive Race Clicker for Roblox clicker guide

Skydive Race Clicker

Here’s another Roblox clicker game that sees you going down rather than across, but this time the race ends at the ground rather than beginning there. Skydive Race Clicker is all about clicking as fast as you can to improve your aerodynamics as your zip down from the skies in a race against fellow Robloxians.

Your reward for winning? Gym weights, for some reason. Still, it’s worth it for the fun alone – and there’s even more fun if you get some goodies with our Skydive Race Clicker codes.

Key art of a Roblox character running from a monster in Doors Race Clicker for Roblox clicker guide

Doors Race Clicker

If it’s a Roblox clicker game with something to run away from, rather than toward, Doors Race Clicker is the one for you. With some of the frightening monsters from the main game, this experience has you sprinting down the corridors, with only clicks to power you, as the terrifying beasts catch up.

Fortunately, our Doors Race Clicker codes can be the key to getting you right to the end without meeting up with any ghastly ghouls.

Key art for Roblox Clicker Fighting Simulator games with two battling characters for best Roblox clicker games guide

Clicker Fighting Simulator

This game combines combat with clicking for an experience that’s a little more intense than the other options on this list. With countless heroes and villains inspired by famous anime characters, you can play out some incredible battles in this game just by relentlessly clicking. There’s also regular updates, so it’s worth checking out what’s new if you’ve played this one before.

If you need a little help getting started, grab some in-game freebies with our Clicker Fighting Simulator codes. Everyone loves a head start.

There you have it, our picks for the best Roblox clicker games on the platform. While you’re here, grab some freebies in some of our favorite idle titles, with our guides to AFK Arena codes, Coin Master free spins, and free Monopoly Go dice.