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All Honkai Star Rail wanted posters

The Trailblazers have made a name for themselves judging by the Honkai Star Rail wanted posters all over Belobog - here’s where to find them all.

Honkai Star Rail wanted posters: the trailblazer looking unimpressed in front of their poster

We all know we’ve got a super serious quest to fulfill on Jarilo-VI, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun as we discover the city of Belobog. We’re peeking into trash cans and dumpsters, and also noticing some strange Honkai Star Rail wanted posters hanging around… here’s where to find them all and what you can do with these beautiful depictions of the Trailblazing team.

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Where do I find the Honkai Star Rail wanted posters?

Below is a handy map showing the locations of the posters so you can view them at your own leisure. They’re all found in the Administrative District (F1) of Belobog on Jarilo-VI.

Honkai Star Rail wanted posters locations market out on a map of Belobog city with yellow circles

Six of the posters are on walls, and as for the Trailblazer – their poster is on a signboard above the staircase.

You can pick all of them up – not as inventory items, sadly – and get an achievement titled ‘50 Credits!?’. Grabbing all seven off the walls also gets you a delightful avatar picture of the badly drawn Trailblazer picture and a handful of Shield.

How many Honkai Star Rail wanted posters are there?

Dotted around Belobog are seven different posters for us to find. There are two each of our buds Honkai Star Rail’s Dan Heng and Honkai Star Rail’s March 7, and two of the sneaky Honkai Star Rail Sampo. The two posters have quite different designs and we can’t help but wonder who it was who drew each of them.

Honkai Star Rail’s Trailblazer only gets one poster, but we think it’s the most beautiful of them all.

Two Honkai Star Rail wanted posters of Dan Heng in different styles

Honkai Star Rail Dan Heng posters

Dan Heng is surely looking at these posters with his classic nonplussed expression.

Honkai Star Rail wanted posters showing March 7 in different styles

Honkai Star Rail March 7 posters

We think March 7 would like both of these, but probably prefer the one where she’s holding her camera.

Two Honkai Star Rail wanted posters of Sampo Koski on walls

Honkai Star Rail Sampo posters

In our experience, Sampo seems to be a bit of a joker but also has an ego. We’re not sure which of these posters we prefer, to be honest.

The Trailblazer in Honkai Star Rail wanted poster featuring the female protagonist

Honkai Star Rail Trailblazer poster

We wonder why the Trailblazer is the only one who has someone staring at their poster…

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