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Onikami codes - rerolls and race switches

Get out there and slay some demons, and make sure you use our Onikami codes for some race swaps and rerolls

An Onikami avatar on fire

June 6, 2022: We checked for new Onikami codes

If you’ve a hankering for some anime or manga-inspired action, Roblox is the place to be. The game platform offers a plethora of titles that take inspiration from many different franchises, including Demon Slayer. One such game based on Demon Slayer is Onikami, though it also took some of its creativity from an old game called Onikiri.

As the name of the franchise might suggest, this game is all about slaying demons, which is easier said than done, and that’s why we’ve put together this list of Onikami codes. It’s full of goodies that can help you come out on top, no matter how many enemies may stand in your way.

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Onikami codes

Active codes:

  • !ResetStyle – breathing and blood art reset
  • !SwitchRace – switch from human to demon and vice versa
  • !RerollFamily3 – reroll
  • !RerollFamily4 – reroll
  • !RerollFamily5 – reroll
  • !RerollFamily6 – reroll
  • !RerollFamily7 – reroll
  • !RerollFamily8 – reroll
  • !RerollFamily9 – reroll

Expired codes:
There are no expired Onikami codes.

An Onikami avatar holding a green blade

What are Onikami codes?

Onikami codes provide you with in-game freebies, courtesy of developer Onikami Studios, which releases new ones upon hitting milestones. So, to stay up to date with the latest Onikami goodies, make sure you bookmark this page.

How do I redeem Onikami codes?

Redeeming Onikami codes is simple. Just follow these steps:

  • Open Roblox
  • Fire up Onikami
  • Hit the chat bar
  • Type in a code
  • Press enter
  • Enjoy your freebie!

There you have it, all of the active Onikami codes. If you need a break from Roblox, you should head over to our lists of the best iPhone games and best Android games to see what else is out there.