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Paths to Immortality codes - are there any?

Let’s take a look at whether any Roblox Paths to Immortality codes exist, what we can do with them, and what they give in the game.

Paths to Immortality codes: a figure in a cross legged position on a grey background

A new text-based adventure is taking Roblox by storm, so read on to find out about any Paths to Immortality codes that work in the game. Paths to Immortality isn’t your usual Roblox experience – there are no anime fighters or punching simulations here, it’s an RPG allowing you to choose how to spend your time and which path to follow.

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New Paths to Immortality codes

Here are all the active Paths to Immortality codes:

There are currently no active codes for Paths to Immortality.

How do I redeem Paths to Immortality codes?

Using these codes is likely to be super easy… if they appear. For now, we don’t know exactly how to redeem Paths to Immortality codes, but if developer Gamentix does release any for the game, we’ll update you right here.

What are Paths to Immortality codes?

Paths to Immortality codes are codes created by Gamentix, developer of the game – or so we assume. Most Roblox codes give free in-game currencies like cash and gems, or sometimes some potions to give boosts. Any codes for this game may be a little different given its different format, however.

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