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Pixel Piece map

If you’re trying to figure out the Pixel Piece map, our guide has everything you need to plunder the seas with ease in this Roblox pirate life simulator

Screenshot of the starting island's greenery for Pixel Piece map guide

If you want to get around in WorldUp Studios’ pirate simulator, you’re going to need to get to grips with the Pixel Piece map. Fortunately, we’re here to help you out, acting as a sort of compass for your seafaring adventure and pointing you in the direction you need to go.

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Pixel Piece map

As there’s no Pixel Piece map in-game, you have to rely on your bearings for the most part in this Roblox experience. Fortunately, there is a map on the official Pixel Piece Trello, which you can see below, pointing you towards the different islands currently available in the game. We’ve added location names, to make seafaring a little easier.

Custom made map for Pixel Piece map guide with location names

Pixel Piece Map locations

Below you can find all the Pixel Piece map locations and what level you need to be to access them.

Pixel Piece map location Level needed  Items available
Pixel Piece starter island 0 Rowboat, classic katana
Lost Island 0 N/A
Central Port 0 Various items from the shop
Baratie 0 N/A
Shells Town 15+ Classic cutlass, axe hand, katana, metal jaw, marine cap, caravel
Orange Town 35+ Cutlass kaba, clown nose, kaba scarf, knarr, puggy scarf, puggy hat
Vaill Island 70+ N/A
Syrup Village 70+ Nuro claws
Shark Park 110+ Shark sword
Arena Island N/A (PvP island)  N/A

There you have it, all you need to get around the Pixel Piece map. For more exciting islands filled with interesting characters, check out our My Singing Monsters breeding guide.